Today is the day we elect the first woman as Mayor of our great City. It's also time to have representation for the Valley from someone lives in the Valley.

Wendy Greuel. Not only breaking that glass ceiling but electing a problem solving Mayor.
Barbara Krause May 21, 2013 at 12:06 PM
Somewhat presumptuous this early on Voting Day.
John Walker May 21, 2013 at 08:14 PM
Presumptuous? What about my "endorsement" is presumptuous. You don't really need to respond😃, I just didn't understand the comment.
Barbara Krause May 21, 2013 at 10:58 PM
Oh, it was under announcements and not opinion so that is why I did not understand the post which appeared as facts.
John Walker July 17, 2013 at 02:53 PM
Barbara - here was my Public comment in response to yours - and yes, I thought the subject was closed so I really do not understand your accusatory tone and thought we were simply exchanging political views. I was making an endorsement and you said it should have gone under *Opinions*. Again, I apologize for my error.


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