End of Year Letter From the SCNC

Dear Neighbors and Fellow Stakeholders;

I would like to take this final opportunity of 2013 to first, thank all of you for your support of the Studio City Neighborhood Council. 

Because of your support and advocacy we have been able to accomplish what heretofore has never happened!  We have been able to fight for and be victorious in keeping Studio City a community that others, all across Los Angeles admire.

We have been able to retain the *suburban* neighborhoods that we enjoy.

We have been able to (negotiate) on a good-neighbor basis, a resolve to several major projects, not the least of which was the NBCUniversal Development.  We came to a resolve at the table that brought something important to both Universal and our own community. 

Just recently, we responded to another Draft Environmental Impact Report regarding the Harvard/Westlake Parking Improvement plan and again represented fairness for all sides.  That was accomplished through hard work, being receptive and hearing what everyone in the community was saying.  The result of that work can be seen on our website:  www.studiocitync.org.

In the coming year, you will be starting to read and see information about the Neighborhood Council elections which will be taking place in March, 2014.  I urge you to stay involved and if you haven't yet thought about it, look at running for a Board seat!  All categories are open and you can find more information now at:  www.empowerla.org.

I want to thank all of our Board members, our Committee Chairs, our Committee members and all the Stakeholders of Studio City for being available, for caring,  and for standing up for a community that means something to us all.

It is because we have that involvement and large support that your Neighborhood Council is effective.

We also want to thank our own City Council-member, Paul Krekorian for always being available.  For always listening too and hearing our concerns.  For always being receptive to the important issues of Studio City.

The Board ot the Studio City Neighborhood Council wishes all of you a very Happy and safe Holiday Season and we look forward to an even greater and more productive 2014.


Dr. John T. Walker, PhD.
President, SCNC


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