Storing Clothes Season to Season

Most people know the best way to store winter clothes over the summer, but few articles offer advice on how to store summer clothes to keep them fresh over winter.

Once fall’s crisper air arrives, it’s a sure sign that a wardrobe change is not far behind. At Flair, we’re happy to offer the following guidelines that can help keep your summer fashions fresh from season to season:

·        Make all necessary repairs and dry cleaning everything before storing.

·        Remember clean, cool, dark, and dry. Your storage area must be all four of these in order to protect your clothing.

·        Be sure the storage area is well-ventilated.

·        Pack airtight containers with cedar blocks or chips to discourage moths.

·        Fold summer knit sweaters and wrap them in white tissue paper.

·        Do not hang knit items that can become misshapen by long term hanging.

For more information, to find a Flair Cleaners location near you, or to sign up for coupons via our newsletter, visit http://www.flaircleaners.com/ or find us on Facebook.


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