A Dozen Polls You Voted in This Past Year

The 2012 issues were wide and controversial.

Here are the issues you wanted to vote about on Studio City Patch. Read about the issues by clicking on the story, and see what the results are in each poll.

You can still vote in them, too.


* What do you think about teaching creationism in schools?

* What do you think of illegal fireworks being shot off in the neighborhood?

Illegal Fireworks Shot Off Throughout Studio City—What Do You Think?

* What would you rather see crossing Lankershim Boulevard to Universal Studios?

See the story: 


* Which dress do you like better for Miss Studio City?

Help Miss Studio City Pick Her Dress for Miss California Contest


* Who is most at fault with the Justin Bieber car chase?


* What do you think of the Supreme Court decision on health care?

How Did Studio City Factor Into the Health Care Debate?


* Are we safer than we were a year ago without Osama bin Laden?

What Do You Think? Are We Safer A Year After Osama bin Laden's Death?


* Where is the worst parking in Studio City?

 The Worst Parking in Studio City


* What do you think of marijuana dispensaries in Studio City?

Studio City Neighborhood Council Fails to Pass ‘Gentle Ban’ on Marijuana Dispensaries


* What do you think of Josh Macciello taking over the Dodgers?

He Wants to Buy the Dodgers! Why Isn’t He Being Taken Seriously?


* What do you think about Toluca Lake not being part of the new Council District?

The New Battle for the Campo de Cahuenga—Studio City vs. Toluca Lake


* What should we do about coyotes?

COYOTE ALERT! 3 Coyotes at Berry Drive! Add Your Sightings and Photos Here!,


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