Dumb Starbucks, We Hardly Knew Ya!

Los Angeles County health officials shut down the parody coffee house that wasn't favored by the real Starbucks folks. Find out who was behind it all and where it might pop up next.

The closure notice on Dumb Starbucks on Los Feliz.
The closure notice on Dumb Starbucks on Los Feliz.

A comedian known for a Comedy Central prank show came forward today as the owner of the Dumb Starbucks coffee shop in Los Feliz that attracted crowds of curious customers over the weekend, but shortly after he revealed his identity, his store was shuttered by the county Health Department.

Nathan Fielder held a news conference in the parking lot of the store at 1802 Hillhurst Ave. and posted a video online, saying the addition of the word “Dumb” in the name legally qualified it as a parody.

“By adding the word `dumb,' we are legally allowed to use the coveted Starbucks name and logo, because we've fulfilled the minimum requirements to be considered a parody under U.S. law,” Fielder said in a video posted on Twitter.

“... Many of you probably know me as a comedian, but this is no bit or joke,” he said. “This is a real business I plan to get rich from.”

Fielder, who appears on the Comedy Central show Nathan for You, said he plans to open a second location in Brooklyn.

Shortly after his news conference, however, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health showed up at the Los Feliz store and posted a “notice of closure” on the door, saying the business was “operating without a valid public health permit.”

The store opened quietly on Friday, but by Sunday, it had crowds of people gathering, trying to figure out if the store was real or a joke. The shop features the signature Starbucks logo, and sells the same type of beverages. It even sells CDs with titles such as “Dumb Jazz Standards.”

Officials with Starbucks issued a statement saying they were aware of the shop.

“It is not affiliated with Starbucks,” according to the statement. “It is not affiliated with Starbucks. We are evaluating our next step. While we appreciate the humor of the store, they cannot use our name. It is a protected trademark.”

--City News Service
denny rane February 19, 2014 at 08:20 PM
My comments are text book. I have simply repeated basic economics that a 16 year old from any European Country would understand, and tell you the same. Capitalism spawns monopolies. Companies like Walmart and Starbux are big participants in that.....can you not tell by their cloying presence.? I never said most people hate them. I said they are VERY successful, even though MANY of their CUSTOMERS hate/dislike them. You know what a customer is right.....people that shop at a store like Walmart. Again...I NEVER said most people hate them. YOU said it. You guys need to take a basic Poli-Sci or Economics class at your local college. I think you would really enjoy it...you obviously have no idea of the definition of Wealth, how it is acquired, retained, and then used to ensure the continuation of the owning class..... at the expense of the Bulk of the population. Tell people to go work somewhere else...that is real funny...tell the slaves to work for somebody else. You guys have A LOT TO LEARN, but it will be fun. Wlamrt, and others of that ilk have perfected Permian Economics...it is much like a pyramid scheme. Designed to enrich a few people at The Top, while the bilk of the populace is dried out. You guys write like you went to school with Rush Limbaugh, or some other radio propaganda personality. You guys really have no concept of WHY people have wealth, and how they got it, or keep it. Wealth by dispossession is a HUGE problem is the USA. The banking scam of 2006 should at least give you some hint of that. God Bless and Good Luck
Karen Monson February 19, 2014 at 08:30 PM
Ummmm, ok Denny, I received everything I have with hard work and savings. Didn't do it on the backs of anyone. And people who work at Walmart are slaves? Perhaps you should go back to school and take another history course. Slaves didn't have a choice in where they worked or for whom. They were bought and sold at the leisure of the master. To compare Walmart or Starbucks to slave owners is ridiculous in the extreme which is why you do it. To get a reaction. If you truly believe this about the United States, don't be a part of it, no one forces you to stay here. If you live here you have the freedom to go where you want when you want, so pick the EU or France and have at it. People work hard, they amass as much money as they can so they can support themselves, their kids, their parents if necessary and to not be a burden on society. That's what we raise our kids to do, that's what we hopefully do. Then most of us help those less fortunate to have a hand up also. You just want to blame everyone else for your unhappiness. Why don't you try changing yourself rather than ranting at everyone else. It seems like you want nothing more than to spend your time faulting the rest of the world and expecting them to change into what you believe they should be. That's what a dictator does, not a democracy.
Paula Antolini February 19, 2014 at 08:36 PM
denny rane...First of all if a person is still a "customer" of a business they couldn't possibly "hate" the company whose establishment they are shopping in, that much. Second, the way you put is, I guess it is "you guys" (all the people in this thread) against YOU personally...HMMMM. Something wrong with that thinking, figure it out. Third, shame on you for your prejudiced attitude towards anyone who has achieved success in this country and is wealthy....according to you they are all the devil. Your attacks on everything and everyone shows an insecure person who blames everyone (who has worked hard to achieve success) for everything wrong in this world. Heck you even ranked on me. Is this how you want to live your life? So negative? Try and see the good things in life, you will live longer and be happier. There is always someone worse off than you. Take time to think about them. Try and stop ranking on the ones who have more than you.
denny rane February 19, 2014 at 09:12 PM
You guys really have nothing to add...other than to find fault with me...because YOU happen to disagree with me....so I should LEAVE the country.? THAT is your idea of "America".? I disagree with you two.....do I tell YOU to move.? I am just pointing out that I can see "you guys" have little/no knowledge of basic economics. We ALL work for what we have...did you think it was just you two.? I did 25 years in Local 4...SF Painters Union. Nobody GAVE me anything. Whatever... you guys obviously have no desire to learn who rules and why...no problem. You like Walmart and Starbux...no problem. I have not told anybody to stop shopping there have I.? I am just pointing out how Wealth is acquired and why. Dispossession is a BIG part of those acquisitions. Like I say...you guys need to tale a basic Econ class...it would REALLY broaden your horizons... AND I think you would enjoy it. Enough Said God Bless
Paula Antolini February 19, 2014 at 10:07 PM
Well said Karen Monson and "WE" are done with denny rane, he refuses to be happy or rise to a higher level of being.


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