Studio City Ranked Among Top 25 Most Walkable Neighborhoods

WalkScore.com provided the list of almost 100 Los Angeles-area neighborhoods.

Studio City was ranked 22nd on a list of almost 100 neighborhoods around Los Angeles for their walkability score.

WalkScore.com, which provided the rankings on its website, determined the scores by measuring "the walkability of individual addresses based on proximity to nearby amenities."

Studio City got a score of 75 out of 100, while nearby neighborhoods including North Hollywood, Toluca Lake and Valley Village had similar rankings. But Studio City, according to the list, is still the San Fernando Valley's most walkable community.

The most pedestrian-friendly area of Studio City is likely Tujunga Village, a bohemian-inspired block of restaurants and shops along Tujunga Avenue sandwiched between Moorpark and Woodbridge streets.

Dozens of people crowded the sidewalks Friday outside Aroma Coffee & Tea Company, where one longtime Studio City resident said the neighborhood didn't need to do much to improve its walkability score as long as it supported areas like Tujunga Village.

"There's things to do and people to see" in the Village, said Peter, who declined to give his last name but added that he'd lived in Studio City for 26 years.

"It's a great place to walk and ride bikes," he added.

Another patron enjoying the atmosphere of the Village on Friday afternoon was Sylvia Perea of Northridge, who said if Studio City wanted to create a more pedestrian culture, it should provide more parking for its residents and visitors.

She said that although Tujunga Village was a good walking area, it still only covered one block of one street in Studio City.

"[Tujunga Village] works, but it's just such a small area," Perea said, adding, "[Studio City] is walkable, it's just that there's so much traffic."

Unsurprisingly, considering Los Angeles' car-centric culture, the entire city was ranked just 13th with a 65 on the walkability scale, compared to other large cities in the United States. 

New York and San Francisco topped the list with scores of 85 and 84, respectively. 

L.A. fell behind neighboring Long Beach, which ranked 12th with a score of 66. The last time the rankings came out in 2008, L.A. was ranked ninth.

Get a full breakdown of the way WalkScore came up with its rankings, or take a look at where your neighborhood fell on the list here.

Skraeling July 23, 2011 at 06:12 AM
Tujunga Village is a nice block, but the rest of Studio City, leaves much to be desired. the developers and the politicians have combined to overpopulate the area but somehow forgot to add amenities like grocery stores, water, sidewalks, etc. Of course, most streets arefilled with potholes, and muddy gutters, if there are any at all, and corners are marked by abandoned grocery carts and old cast off furniture and carpeting are left to rot...but, hey, Tujunga Village is cool...
Jeff July 23, 2011 at 04:56 PM
I just looked over the list and find this study a huge waste of time and without a doubt incorrect. Anyone who has lived in Studio City (obviously Jack does not) near Laurel Terrace /Sunshine Terrace and Moorpark along with, the borders of Whitsett and Colfax knows that there are two grocery stores , five pharmacies, many restaurants, two parks, a library, golf course, tennis court, multiple banks, two pet hospitals, two sporting goods stores and everything else . If you judge Studio City on Tujunga Village you are judging an entire area based on two sides of one long city block. Another waste of money on a study. Studies need to be done by people who live in the city not by outsiders visiting for a week. Santa Monica was ranked 60 and San Francisco 80. Obviously a biased study.Downtown and Chinatown may deserve the high ranking but if you ask the folks in those areas how they compare with Studio City, Beverly Hills , San Francisco and Santa Monica, you would get the real answer. Someone was paid a lot of money to give a false impression.
Jeff July 23, 2011 at 04:57 PM
I forgot to mention that it was a walking study not a car study.
Jeff July 23, 2011 at 05:04 PM
What about Farmers Market on Sunday, Trader Joes, Bars, Clothing Stores Coffee Shops, Cultural food restaurants all within walking distance. A biased report if there was ever one.
martin July 23, 2011 at 07:14 PM
My favorite part is walking past the trailer massage signs attached to a van that has been parked in a two our parking spot for the last 11 days on Laurel Canyon Blvd at Moorpark. ( thanks for stepping up parking authority ) I also love walking around the 4 x 8 sign attached to a bicycle blocking the sidewalk in front of the salon. If I have time I walk to the east side of Laurel Canyon Blvd and stroll past the giant trailer advertising "2 maids for $45" attached to the red pick up truck blocking the flow of bus traffic that has been parked there since the beginning of time.
Skraeling July 23, 2011 at 09:08 PM
Jack, most certainly lives in SC and has for 35 years! During that time, I have seen exactly 2 grocery stores, Gelson's (remodel) and Ralph's Universal city and poor Von's make do with an outdated building that is depressing to visit, I have seen pharmacies bought out and now there are 2 of the same brand directly across the street from each other and two hidden away in corner malls that should never have been built. Yes, many new places to eat, but like 81/2 most struggle because of the lack of parking, the parks on Moorpark are now peopled by homeless with no place left to go and the city is neglecting the fencing it built to protect it...the only golf course I know of is in Toluca Lake and Whittset and the people in SC had to fight the policians and developers to keep the Whittset free of overbuilding...lets be honest, here...developers have added over 2000 units and no amenities other than what has been here for years.....the population has nearly doubled yet Jeff thinks two grocery stores, two pet hospitals (there are more, by the way), five pharmacies, a tennis court makes a DESIRABLE place to live when we need double that..not to mention adequate parking and traffic signals....I think Jeff is more a Universal City res than Studio City....
Skraeling July 23, 2011 at 09:14 PM
These trailer ads are disgusting and when i called Krikorian to enquire was basically told to stfu....the law was written so that it could be defied easily and legally....our politicians always take the money over what is right...they could write regs like Sta Barbara or San Diego, or Seattle or any other place that has city pride and restrict or outlaw such neighborhood destroying trash...but, in LA, money talks....I saw one yesterday that was kicked in and another that was destroyed....sometimes, vigilante action is all that is left....and, in this case, I can not condemn it...I condemn the sign company, the people who rent their cars to the sign company, the thai massage companies, the bail bonds that advertise and the politicians....
Jeff July 24, 2011 at 06:11 AM
I have lived in Studio City for 18 years and I live South of Moorpark . In those years the area has undergone change not always for the better. Studio City is a great place to live, walk and raise kids .It is very desirable for a vast majority of residents and businesses. The city is clean and offers us everything that Jack seems to find unattractive or undesirable. Jack move here in1975 when a house South of Ventura Blvd could be bought for $75,000 or less. I know because I have neighbors who purchased their hiouses for $60,000 and $75,000 respectfully.Back then we had a movie theater, car wash , post office, camera shop, Thrifty , Savons, Hughes, Ralphs, Buddy Brown Toys, Arts, Tiny Naylors and Winchells Donuts, We still have some of those businesses . As in any situation there are negatives but the positives are enjoyed by the majority.and it is a shame that we have some long term residents who only see the negative . I guess if I lived near the freeway and those signs it might taint my opinion. Then again, you have to look forward and be positive rather than dwell on the negative and not appreciate what the rest of the city offers..
Skraeling July 24, 2011 at 06:42 AM
Accepting mediocrity is a recipe that brought near slums to Studio City....it has not been well served since Joel Wachs left...by the way, I lived for 20 years in Longridge Estates, and that area, now mansionized, has lost its appeal...to me, and others I know, who still live there....the decline of Studio City is serious business and to pretend all is fine is not a solution. You don't have to live near the freeway to see those signs....I know the good stuff about Studio City...and it is a constant fight to keep what little remains...you choose to accept decline....
Jeff July 24, 2011 at 05:49 PM
The Longridge Estates are located in Sherman Oaks. The schools are Dixie Canyon and Walter Reed not Carpenter Ave and Milliken/ Walter Reed. You live near a great corner at Coldwater and Ventura . The area is Sherman Oaks not Studio City.
Skraeling July 24, 2011 at 08:50 PM
You are greatly mistaken...I live in Studio City, near Colfax....my nearest school is Reed.....my nearest abandoned grocery cart sits on Moorpark with two others, next to the mattress thrown out 4 days ago.....
zarkava July 24, 2011 at 11:19 PM
Great posts, Jack. Good stuff!
Jeff July 25, 2011 at 04:28 AM
Jack, obviously you have had a rough run in a once nice area near Moorpark and Colfax. Due to the over crowding of the area by apartments and condos you sometimes get a lack of pride because no one invests in pride of ownership when there is none. That said, for those of us who also live in your area, Studio City is a beautiful place. I am sure most neighbors do not share your point of view or they would move. I understand the concern for someone who has lived here as long as you have. However, your position is what causes discontent and very sad for a fellow resident to have such anger and distaste for where you live. Most residents only remember Wendy Gruel / Paul Krekorian and the days of Joel Wachs /Tom Bradley/ Hughes Markets are like Buddy Brown Toys, gone forever. Look at the positive in the area and let that consume you instead of a few negatives.


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