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3 Snippets Overheard at Local Businesses

A funny thing happened at Peet's, Art's and Jamba Juice in Studio City.

Three snippets overheard in the past week at Studio City locations:



CUSTOMER: (Whiny) This is too hot!

SERVER: It's...hot coffee. Do you want to wait while it cools down?
Add some milk? Or would you like me to redo it?

CUSTOMER: (Pouting) No, I'll wait. Thanks.


CUSTOMER: (Sleepy) What's better ... immunity boost? Or energy boost?

SERVER: (Chipper) Well, it depends. Do you need some energy? Or extra
help preventing a cold?

CUSTOMER: I'm not sure ...


CUSTOMER: (Abrasively) How much soup is in the to-go container?

SERVER: (Holding up container) This is the standard to-go container. But you can get as much as you want.

CUSTOMER: (Abrasively) How many people will that serve?

SERVER: It holds about two-and-a-half...three bowls, depending on the bowls and how many other things you want to add.

CUSTOMER: (Abrasively) Mmmm. Well, does it come with pickles?

CUSTOMER #2: It can come with a hot breakfast and chocolate cake, if you ask nicely.

Everybody laughs.



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