What You Think Are the Most Important Stories of Last Year and What's Coming Up in 2013

Here is what you thought.

We asked you what you thought the most important stories of last year are, and those are the stories that are coming up, too.

John Walker, president of the Studio City Neighborhood Council, came up with his list, (which all made the list): 

The tragic death of 3 people at the corner of Ventura and Tujunga. 
The real concern of how a Bridge can be erected, on Lankershim Blvd., near Universal without any public input, and what an eyesore it is going to be. The passing of a beautiful dog, Rusty who I saw both at the store and running through the neighborhoods. 
The many wonderful volunteers who help make our community stronger. Who came to City Council, and wrote their representatives and put Studio City back into one Council district, giving us a stronger voice at City Hall. And finally, Los Angeles will elect Wendy Greuel, not only the first woman Mayor, but also, someone from the Valley, Studio City, who understands and will represent us so that we are no longer just that large portion of Los Angeles, who pay the bills and receive an unequal amount of the services.

Important stories, things we should watch out for, are on this list below, take a look, in no particular order:

* Marijuana Dispensaries

* Rusty Passing Away

* Wendy Greuel Running for Mayor

* Lankershim Blvd. Pedestrian Bridge

* Fiery Crash on Ventura

* Studio City Council Election and Issues

* Universal Expansion Plan

* Henry's Tacos

* Street Construction and Potholes

* School Budget Cuts  

* Redistricting the City Council Boundaries

* Coyotes in the Neighborhood

See the past concerns:

* Stories Ahead for Studio City in 2011

* 7 Community Concerns of 2011


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