11 Most-Seen Stars in Studio City in 2011

Zac Efron drops off the list, Miley Cyrus is everywhere, Angelina Jolie becomes a regular shopper.

It's easy to see who's coming and going in Studio City these days when they are chased by photographers.

with the help ofand friends has kept tabs of every sighting, every photo and every Twitter that goes out of any notable face in the area.

Now, we're not of course, including local residents and stars like, whom you can see riding his bike around almost daily; or who attends community meetings; or who is always out-and-about in town.

We're talking about the local residents who try to have a normal life in our midst, but when they do, it sometimes gets disruptive as we're jostled aside by shutterbugs trying to get a candid shot.

We've dropped from the list this year because he's been on location and traveling around a lot this year (right now he's in Japan promoting ).

For some reason, and her kids have been shopping around town more often. She's going to , and the local here in Studio City rather than over the hill in Beverly Hills where she lives with

 isn't around as much since she graduated from and isn't around as much because.

Meanwhile, that doesn't mean there are the occasional spottings of, , and more around. But, someone like who lives in the area and shops a lot—makes the list just by mere head-turning appeal. (Surely she turned heads before she made it big on Modern Family, but now . . . !)

And, just because you've moved out doesn't mean you're not on the list. moved over to Sherman Oaks, not far away, but he says he still loves to, and he's around all the time. 

Here's the list, from most seen. Click on the names for where and when they've been spotted over the year.


2. itt










Let us know in the COMMENTS area whom you've been seeing around town, and upload a photo if you have one!



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