'Big Brother 14' Continues at the Studio City Radford Lot

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Big Brother 14 is going on in our very midst at the Studio City Radford Studios. Every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday, watch who's getting kicked out of the house, and what shenangans are going on.

What's been happening?

According to TV Grapevine:

Joe thinks this is the greatest season ever.  Ian says yeah, with all the twists and flips, Willie's fight week 2, the reset, then flipping the switch to get Janelle out, flip the switch again.  Rehashing every eviction, every flip... Ian talking a lot about how  well he has played... and his alliances through the game (hasn't mentioned the QP).  Joe taking it all in... you can bet he will twist it and use it...

Here is the live uncensored feed, CLICK HERE.

If you want tickets to Big Brother, CLICK HERE.

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