Discount Tickets for William Shatner's World Tour Offered Through Friday

He is allowing special fans a $10 discount.

Longtime Studio City resident is offering a special discount to his fans.

If you buy tickets to his new just-announced U.S. Tour for Shatner's World before the end of the day Friday, you can get a $10 discount for each ticket.

Visit: http://shatnersworld.com/tour.html to take advantage of this offer.

In his private newsletter this week, he is offering a few other specials:

If you haven't heard,  Bill Shatner is BACK as the Priceline Negotiator!  Check out his thoughts on being back from the set of the commercial! 

In our store we have put up some new Star Trek costumes in time for Halloween.  Imagine having a REAL Star Trek costume to not only wear for Halloween but to add to your collection.


 Also the Official William Shatner Google Plus+ Page:



Bill Shatner is also on Twitter.  If you are on Twitter please find and follow Bill on Twitter:http://www.twitter.com/WilliamShatner

There are also props from his shows available, just in time for Halloween.

Boston Legal props are at" http://shatner-store.stores.yahoo.net/bolepr.html

William Schallert's Tunic from DS9! is also available as well as items from Star Wars: Insurrection.


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