Studio City Filmmaker Shares His 'Pure Joy'

Local filmmaker James Cullen Bressack’s first feature film is released today.

More than 3,000 fans of the highly anticipated indie horror flick have gathered in Facebook, anxiously awaiting the release of critically acclaimed 19-year-old filmmaker, then 18, first feature film, which is being released on Media Blasters’ FRESH MEAT Shriek Show label.  Release is now slated for March 13.

Pre-orders have been selling  well on Amazon for the past two months, fueled by consistently rave reviews on horror websites. The movie is set for large-scale American release in leading retailers nationwide, including Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Fry’s among many others. While  Japanese fans can expect to be treated to a release in theaters in their country later this year.

MY PURE JOY tells the story of a deranged teenage serial killer whose unhealthy obsession with horror movies leads him on a killing spree of neighbors, friends, and family.  James Cullen Bressack, who has been labeled “," draws special inspiration from Asian directors Takashi Miike and Chan-wook Park. 

So although this Valentine’s day may not be a bloody one for fans and their girlfriends, every cloud does have its silver lining:  Media Blasters has released the artwork for the MY PURE JOY’s disc and DVD cover.

Here is a trailer to keep you tided over until the release:

Here is the IMDB:

Facebook Fan page


Here is a link to preorder on amazon for just $10:


Here are some blogs by James:


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