Joe Jonas Gets Eclectic, Justin Bieber is Electric; Miley Cyrus Grocery Shops, Gwen Stefani Skips & Hops

Also seen in The SC are Mila Kunis, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens and the Hot ‘Cleveland’ cast.

was at the TV academy in North Hollywood two days ago and stopped in to the Eclectic Café for some coffee. He was with his body guard, who hangs around him a lot when he’s filming or recording, but not necessarily when he’s out bowling at  (See him in the photo gallery.)

Joe played the son of one of the starlets, and that show kicked up again at the . who has called that Studio City backlot home since the Mary Tyler Moore days (when it was called the MTM studios), is up for an Emmy for supporting actress of the sitcom this Sunday. When that show left off, her character was about to marry Buck Henry, but then her presumed-dead husband showed up, and it’s Don Rickles. . .

Joe is coming back to the show as Valerie Bertinelli’s son, and another Studio City resident, is joining in as Wendie Malick’s daughter. Could their be a romance brewing among the younger generation? . . .

On Tuesdayas window shopping with her irrepressible 3-year-old son Zuma and when the paparazzi were snapping photos she began skipping and hopping with him down the street, and then he shot them all a peace sign. They all laughed . . .

Talk about being domestic, or maybe she’s stocking up anticipating a grocer’s strike, but was seen twice at Ralph’s this week in Studio City, once with her hubby and both times they seemed to stock up on a of food. Miley is loving her pair of black stretch pants. . . .

Just Thursday night, and his gal pal were quite electric attending the premiere of Abduction at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre. People there, jaded and not, remarked how you could almost see the sparks around the couple. (See a cute photo in the gallery).

Modern Family dumb dad attended the Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences' Casting Directors Peer Group of the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards last week, it was a preview of things to come. . . .

was bugged by shutterbugs asking the same question about whether she went to the FBI over her cell phone being hacked . . .

was caught getting coffee, and walked Ventural Boulevard (see photos in the gallery above.)

Keep looking for the stars!

Irene DeBlasio September 16, 2011 at 02:48 PM
Justin Timberlake/ He's not a flake./ Miley Cyrus will never tire us./Justin Bieber?/ Ach Du Lieber!/ The Jonas Boys?/ They're always joys./The L.A. Times can take a hike!/ We don't need you - we've got MIKE! You done good!
susan bogner September 16, 2011 at 04:55 PM
There is a photo of the Actor Callan Mcauliffe - but no credit. He was starring in the movie Flipped, I am Number 4 and and other upcoming movies
Mike Szymanski September 16, 2011 at 08:00 PM
Thank you thank you, some of the captions got mangled, and are being fixed, but thanks, yes, this guy was at the Emmys too, and should have been mentioned along with Ty


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