Justin Bieber at Bed & Bath, Salma Hayek Does the Math; Gwen Stefani Shaves Her Son, Miley Cyrus Has Some Fun

Also seen around Studio City this week: January Jones, Hilary Duff, Ashley Tisdale and more.

Justin Bieber popped in with a bodyguard at in town and almost seemed disappointed that no one made a fuss over him. A reliable source saw him on Thursday at about 6:10 p.m. and told this account: 

       “I went into Bed, Bath and Beyond to grab some coffee and who is standing at the customer service desk right near the exit door looking all bummed because the store was totally dead, was Justin Bieber and his body guard. I grabbed my coffee and when I came back they were still there so we chatted briefly and said goodbye. Pretty uneventful. He seemed a little disappointed people weren't making a big fuss over him, or maybe he was just tired. He also looked smaller in person but of course I would never say that. Just my observation. “ 

It seems like his recent reputation as a brat is way unfounded, at least in Studio City . . . 

seems to be having a lot of fun. Wasting no time moving into her in the Studio City, she is out eating with friends almost daily. In the recent photos posted on Facebook, she’s seen with the and in the background. Miley loves i nearby, too and is often seen there. See more photos on the Facebook page: fb.me/13qOVQMmW . . .  

Singer paraded around her son, , with a newly shaved head. He stuck his tongue out multiple times to the cameras. The youth was out recently with a nanny and with a Mohawk and then a few days latter, he had it all shaved off with a nice summer buzz cut. Kingston is 5, and already sports a fine fashion sense. See more photos: http://goo.gl/fb/vqYFj

Salma Hayek takes her business seriously, even when it Is all quite out of her hands. She was caught browsing along the beauty counters at the and looking for her own new beauty line called Nuance. She also made sure that the stuff was displayed properly, and out front, so she can make sure that she gets her residuals. She created more than 100 products for the skin, hair and body for the CVS chain, and it was inspired by her abuela, a cosmetologist, who created homemade beauty products. The beauty stuff has things like blue agave, prickly pear and lime enzyme in it. So, just in case you see Salma at CVS, you’ll know she may just be checking out the stock . . .

SEEN IN THE S.C.  . . .

FRIDAY. went out bike riding with her little dog seated comfortably in a basket (secured) in the front on the handrails. She was riding around her place in Toluca Lake. See some of the photos here.

THURSDAY. was spotted atthis week in Tujunga Village with a big cup of coffee.

WEDNESDAY. again, this time coming out of a hair salon, had to do a bit of limbo, ducking underneath a railing while she was coming out of the salon where she had some hair and nails done. 

TUESDAY. dined with her friend Craig Robinson from The Office trying to decide whether they were going to brave the line at Umami or go to Mexicali after first popping into an office store.

MONDAY. Actress who is known to be ’s main squeeze these days, headed to lunch with friends at  (See more photos here.)

SUNDAY. , according to Celebrity Fashion, was seen in Studio City shopping and she “wore a cute wore out ensemble, which was a Rebel Yell 'Blondes Do it Better' printed v-neck tee and black capri leggings. She also wore running shoes by New Balance.”

Click on the photo gallery above for photos.


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