Justin Bieber Buys Gear for Security Man, Then Takes his Clan to Sushi Dan; Nicole Richie Saw Photogs and Ran; Poster Boards Bought by New ‘Spider-Man’

Check out photos of Andrew Garfield, Justin Bieber and more.

Oops, she just didn’t want to be shot all sweaty. How unfair! left her gym on Monday with the hot, hot weather, and there were half a dozen shutterbugs taking her picture. (See photo in Gallery above, and click here.)

She ducked off quickly, taking to a trot then a run to get away, and she did. But, they got a few of her pictures too.

The 30-year-old is still designing fashion togs, and even when running away was looking good in her cropped leggings and hair in a bun . . .

shook up a clerk named Shelley in on Monday when he brought in his entourage and asked for help to get some presents for his bodyguard. Dressed in camo-shorts and a white T-shirt with bright red tennis shoes and his characteristic cap, the Beebs popped in and went on a shopping spree.

HollywoodLife.com got an interview with the excited clerk, who wouldn’t give her last name, and said he was : “cool and sweet.”

She added: “He was in and out [of the store] quickly…He bought himself a couple of basic T-shirts, and he even bought his bodyguard a couple of shirts…He spent around $200. He had a good personality, and he was funny, it was a pleasure helping him and his security.”

didn't seem to mind the photographer attention, even though he's been in. Heand some other family members and then he tweeted "#FamilyTime." He took everyone tos his fav sushi spot in The SC. See the entire photo collection at: Celebrity-gossip.net. . . . 

The new Amazing Spider-Man , who is dating local gal , was seen at getting some poster board and going home to do his own arts and crafts. He also made a stop at . See more of his photos at Tumblr.com.


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