Jake Gyllenhaal on Bromance Date, Hilary Duff Needs Babysitters, Nick Jonas Fans Call Him ‘First Rate,’ Brenda Song at Outfitters

Also some Studio City memories of Mary Tyler Moore.

and Adam Levine were spotted at a Studio City sushi spot having a friendly bromance date. (Jake's sister lives up the hill on a corner lot near a popular dogwalking spot, and Jake went to school in Studio City.)

The super-exclusive X17 Online caught the two guys and made such a big deal with their exclusive photos that Adam had to explain to a magazine that his pal Jake was not gay, and this wasn't a Brokeback Mountain relationship. Also see video of the meeting on X17 Online  just before Jake went to the Berlin Film Festival. . . . 

is out a lot just before she's about to pop with her big baby bump. She may look like she is having twins, but she's got one boy inside (at least that's what the gossip rags say). See the photos in the gallery above as she was leaving in Studio City recently. Nothing keeps her down, and she's already looking for someone trustworthy to sit for her upcoming baby so she can continue working . . . 

getting honored recently by the Screen Actors Guild got a lot of people reminiscing about her, and talking about her time in Studio City. On the Radford Studio lot which was MTM for a while, the thousands of people who work on the lot every day walked around teary-eyed for weeks as her show came to a close, and the very sad last episode is still known as a series closing classic (she flips the lights out after getting laid off from her TV station.) Then, of course, the studio lot was laughing for weeks after the Chuckles the Clown classic where she started giggling at a funeral . . . 

But, it's her house up the block near Fryman Canyon that was also getting a bit of attention. The house at 12230 Iredell St. is where she lived while running the studio down the hill where classics like Lou Grant, and other shows were filmed even after her show ended. And of course, is still working there in . . . . 

wowwed a few female fans by stopping to chat when they were shopping and followed him around. See the photo in the gallery above of the girls and their Twitpic. They called him a "first rate" star for really seeming to care how they were and posing for pictures . . .  

Brenda Song was caught by cameras going to Studio City's  recently. She is known for playing London Tipton on the Disney series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and The Suite Life on Deck. She also appeared in The Social Network. She was also engaged for a while to local dude , the brother of fellow Disney star , one of Studio City's most famous residents.

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