Let Alice Cooper Take You to Hell (in 3D) at Universal

Watch some of the video of this year's Halloween Horror Nights.

“Alice Cooper Goes to Hell 3D”

Multi-platinum recording artist Alice Cooper, a mastermind of the rock horror genre, will conjure up his peculiar vision of disturbing horror imagery when he makes for an encore performance at Universal Studios Hollywood in a new “Halloween Horror Nights” maze.

Alice Cooper’s new haunted attraction, “Alice Cooper Goes to Hell 3D,” will be inspired by the musician’s classic concept album centered on unending darkness, relentless torment and unimaginable horrors.  The terrifying experience will beckon guests to teeter at Hell’s interminable inferno as imagined through the eyes of this hard rock visionary.  To maximize this daunting new maze, guests will don 3D glasses for an optimum up-close and personal three-dimensional encounter with Alice Cooper’s underworld.

This original, one-of-a-kind maze will feature trademark elements from Alice Cooper’s celebrated stage performances including guillotine decapitations and electric chairs and will be fueled by an infernal soundtrack culled from Alice Cooper’s six-decade, Hall of Fame career.  Paired with the concept of the Seven Deadly Sins, the maze will spiral guests through Alice’s vortex of hades where they will encounter a series of sin all under the influence of music. For example, Gluttony will emerge through the song “Eat Some More.”  Wrath will be exposed through the song “Killer.” Greed will manifest itself in Alice Cooper’s “Sick Things” song, and Lust will transcend through the song, “Sex, Death and Money.”

Sharing his enthusiasm, Alice Cooper said, “I grew up watching classic Universal horror movies so it’s a thrill for me to work with Universal’s designers to create the quintessential Alice Cooper maze for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood.  Last year, Universal Studios Hollywood scared the wits out of me with their maniacal and demented creation and they’ve promised to up the ante with ‘Alice Cooper Goes To Hell 3D.’  I can’t wait to see the final terrifying masterpiece. It will be hell!  Let’s see if they can scare me!”

An Alice Cooper-inspired maze, “Welcome to My Nightmare,” will appear at Universal Orlando Resort.

See some of the video and details of all the attractions:


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