Rachel Bilson Rides Her Bike, Jonah Hill Likes Chinese; Taye Diggs Takes a Hike, January Jones Needs Cheese

Also check out Demi Moore,Erik Estrada, Diablo Cody, Alyssa Milano, Courteney Cox and others seen in The SC this week.

The O.C. starlet actually lives and plays in The S.C., and this week she was caught by shutterbugs riding her bike around the flats of town last Saturday. Before she got too far she was reminded she should be wearing a helmet before venturing to Ventura Boulevard. Rachel has BFF & Baby coming up co-starring people who live locally such as Krysten Ritter, , Justin Kirk and Kristen Johnston. . . .

Another handsome star moves to Studio City (no, we're not talking about Survivor guy .) It's  Taye Diggs, the hunk from How Stella Got Her Groove Back, who bought a house in the hills of Studio City for a little more than $2 million. He plans to move in with his wife Idina Menzel and young son. He loves to hike, and will not doubt be frequenting the trails. Other fun facts: he was in the music video Boys with near-neighbor , and his birthday is the same date as Oscar winner , who also lives in the hills of Studio City . . .

Speaking of , spent four hours at a private studio in North Hollywood last week practicing and recording. . . . .

Mad Men starlet January Jones turned heads at particularly because it wasn’t being followed out with a sea of photographers this time. She bought a lot of bread and desperately needed some cheese, a source said, and that’s why she went there. . . .

bopped around some of the local stores earlier in the week and a few photographers followed her around. Apparently they were titillated by her revealing bra-less look. (We show you in our photo gallery one of those photos that is safe to show.) . . . 

On Saturday, went to a nail salon.

On Sunday, hit the gym.

On Monday, Erik Estrada had no motorcycle anywhere around him. The guy famous for his CHiPS motorcycle cop show, parked his Rolls Royce and then biked around Studio City.

Also on Monday, pregnant Alyssa Milano went to lunch with friends in Studio City.

And even more exciting, this Monday, stopping in to for nail products.

On Tuesday, Diablo Cody was seen sipping a big coffee at with a friend, and two guys Tweeted how cute the Oscar-winner who wrote Juno was in person. (See a photo of her with fellow local resident Quentin Tarantino in out photo gallery.)

Also on Tuesday, joined the Sweat Session at her Studio City gym.

On Wednesday, was looking fine cougar or not, at the Television Academy, and the North Hollywood Patch followed their appearance this week.

On Thursday, funny guy Jonah Hill stopped by the after checking out the comedy club in.

Also on Thursday, sipped it up at a local after a quick workout at the .

And finally, on Thursday, went shopping and then popped in to her hairdresser.

Best Bet This Weekend: It’s Open Mike night on Fridays at in Studio City when anything can happen. Sign-ups start at 7:30. Show at 8 p.m.

Also, on Sunday, come to fundraiser aton Easter Sunday. Meet Lindsay & Dude from noon to 4 p.m. as well as Sebastian Saraceno from Animal Planet, and who’s very involved with the Pit Bull Rescue. Click here for more info.


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