See the Sizzling 'Magic Mike' Shoot in Studio City [PHOTOs]

Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer and others are shown pictured at the closed

The male stripper movie Magic Mike looks like it was set in Florida (Tampa and Miami specifically), but the fictional dance club Xquisite where all the action takes place was actually the now-closed historic Platinum Live club in Studio City.

This is the same building where Dick Clark held the first press conference in the United States for the Beatles, and has been shuttered for years.

But, it was the site for the movie about the male strip club, and it was a place that didn't require some of the cast to go too far from home. has a place in the area, and  Camila Alves, lives in Studio City with their two gorgeous kids – son Levi, and daughter Vida.

The cast includes Joe Manganiello, Alex Pettyfer and  (see more photos here) and is directed by Steven Soderbergh. The director wanted to have as much filming done in Los Angeles, and many of the scenes that looked like Florida actually took place locally.

See some of the photos in the gallery above, and candids of the cast in and around Studio City during the shoot at Tujunga Avenue and Ventura Boulevard last year.

According to the press notes by Warner Bros., the character Mike (Channing Tatum) found a beach condo for which production designer Howard Cummings selected a 1970s-style home in Playa del Rey on the verge of renovation-not for an overtly retro look, but for its distinctive features that might have appealed to Mike's eye for structure and design.

"Howard's biggest opportunity to shine was in the club," said Soderbergh, for which the production secured a vacant club space in Studio City that had a bar and kitchen but no stage. This enabled Cummings to design one from the ground up to accommodate the film's developing choreography. For the performers' dressing area, he focused on the kitchen.

"I wish I could take credit for suggesting the kitchen, but that idea was Steven's," said Cummings, who marks his fifth collaboration with the director. "It worked perfectly because the Kings of Tampa don't have a lot of money and that lent an ad hoc quality to the set. The blocking is limited, but Steven takes that kind of limitation and makes a benefit out of it. He also likes reflective surfaces, and there was plenty of tile, a shiny ceiling and lots of stainless steel."

Noting that Xquisite only exists a couple of nights a week, renting space in an existing business with its own daytime identity, the designer put up a flimsy plastic banner bearing the club's name, which he calls "their cheap solution to signage. Overall, everything about the place had to be visually engaging and entertaining, but not too slick. I wanted it to have a real edge."

Also see the Patch review of the movie.



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