Selena Loves Sushi Bars, ‘Office’ Sups at Du-par’s; Liam Hemsworth Buys Bunch, Ryan Gosling Grabs Lunch

Whom have you seen around The S.C?

It happens all the time, doesn't it? You see someone you think you recognize from your personal life, and then remember that it's someone you've seen in a movie or on TV. Ooops!

That happened recently, when a friend says he was lunching at Du-par's and said, "Isn't that someone we knew from the office?" Now, he was talking about his personal office where they worked, but his lunching buddy noted that it was, in fact, someone from the TV show The Office. Ooops!

Our favorite late-night waitress at Du-par's tells us that, in fact, lots of Office workers come to the all-hours eatery.

Rainn Wilson and his wife, fiction writer Holiday Reinhorn like to come in, and John Krasinski brings in his actress wife Emily Blunt. In just the past month, at different timesPaul LiebersteinPhyllis Smith and Steve Carell have popped in for a slice of pie. (Of course, Carell lives in Studio City, so he is in a lot.)

However, the best story is that original British Office guy, Ricky Gervais came for a late-night stop with an entourage after one of his Golden Globe hosting gigs. He was riotous, loud and funny, as expected . . .

Our friends at JustJared.com caught Liam Hemsworth doing some shopping for the house where he's staying with Miley Cyrus in Studio City. Among the stuff he got was a large size package of paper towels and a bunch of bananas. He was wearing a beanie as he heads to various shops along Ventura Boulevard, and the fan site has 16 great photos of him (CLICK HERE!) Also see some great shots on hollywoodbulletin . . . 

Meanwhile, this week, Selena Gomez was out with a girlfriend to Sushi Dan's where she and boyfriend (yes, they're back again) Justin Bieber go to at least once a month. Some great shots were sent out by the fan site: Selena Gomez News‪@OfficialSGnews and check out some other great shots of Selena in Studio City here

The Biebs did a wonderful stint on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, and did a spoof with his friend (and Studio City neighbor) Miley Cyrus. It was priceless! . . . .

Ryan Gosling, who is brilliant in Gangster Squad, was out lunching this week in Studio City. See his pretty face get pretty messed up in his upcoming film Only God Forgives about Thai boxing (and more gangsters). See a sampling of his photos above and the whole set on socialitelife.com . . . . 

Also check out Ms. Sherman Oaks in our sister Patch.


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