Studio City Artist – Dylan Bocanegra Returns to M.O.M. - WHO’S YOUR MUTHA?

Local Artist - Dylan Bocanegra returns to NYC's Museum of Motherhood.

Founding Director – Joy Rose of Manhattan’s Upper East Side Museum of Motherhood called out for local Studio City resident artist – Dylan Bocanegra to showcase his artwork for the month of March and a day in 2012. She and the museum loved Dylan’s work and show: A Mother’s Nature – paying tribute to mothers – the homeless– the famous and his own – for Women’s International Day in New York. Featured works were Maria Shriver – Aileen Getty – Elizabeth Taylor – Sophie Caan – his own mother – (Nana) Jean Friedrick and more.  

Rose has asked for Bocanegra’s return joining a handpicked group of 24 artists for the museum’s group showcase – WHO’S YOUR MUTHA? – for the month of April. Here the artists’ works will be on public view until the special May 1st art  exhibition and Champagne Gala Auction event that is located at: 401 East 84th Street (at 1st Avenue) NYC.  Beautiful – extravagant and exciting pieces are expected.

Bocanegra is proud to be back at this first of its kind museum – M.O.M. – about social change – honoring the legacy of M(other)s and the her-story of families: past, present and future through their certified nonprofit Motherhood Foundation Inc.

Dylan studies at Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design as a student in his 5th term. Bocanegra also represents his major – Entertainment Design – in Student Government while teaching an art class to the homeless in Hollywood, California – once a week at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament. His artwork extends to storyboards – production design – illustrative – graphics – environments – sculptures and more.

Last year’s show premiered the loan of Maria Shriver’s personal piece – Lady of California – and Shriver is commissioning Dylan to do more artwork for her office in Brentwood, California this Spring. Coincidentally – Bocanegra used one of the classrooms at Blessed Sacrament to complete the stencil during a rainstorm in LA because he didn’t have access to a studio to spraypaint. Aileen Getty was there to speak with the young artist and encouraged his work. Her images in the show last year were a personal tribute to a woman he has grown to love and respects even more.

Joy Rose found a hole that needed to be filled by assisting and providing – mothers, fathers, youth, caregivers and mothers-to-be – insights into what they will experience as parents and how to handle it. Through education about the emotional and physical aspects of child rearing, exposing them to different global traditions, giving them insights into the context of mothering and the social sphere in which mothering is done. M.O.M. encourages people to become more informed and to expand beyond limiting images and ideologies; healthy women (and men) produce healthier families, which in turn produce healthier communities, which lead to a healthier world.

Auction proceeds are to assist the museum’s expansion project. Motherhood and how it’s defined is booming – M.O.M. needs a larger home to showcase her beauty in art, books, classes, history and more.

Dylan won’t be flying to greet Joy as he would like but his art has been shipped. His first show was at Frank Miceli’s Hollywood Restaurant which centered on Racism, Education and Cancer. His second show premiered at M.O.M. and now his third will continue to illustrate the ever changing faces of motherhood. Dylan Bocanegra is an artist with heart who knows the art of giving is also in gifting.


Link for M.O.M.’s invitation: http://tinyurl.com/cclhqvw

M.O.M. web site: www.mommuseum.org

Dylan Bocanegra’s web site: www.dtbsketchbook.blogspot.com  

Email the artist for commissions: dylan.bocanegra@gmail.com

Joy Rose March 31, 2013 at 08:17 PM
Thank you for spreading the word about M.O.M. - Dylan is so talented and we are grateful to have his amazing art as part of the 2013 auction! http://www.mommuseum.org/art-exhibition-auction-gala/
E.M. Fredric April 01, 2013 at 02:58 AM
It's my pleasure and the link to the invitation is also listed above should anyone need it. I love watching things grow and Museum of Motherhood is an amazing place. LA could use one!
E.M. Fredric April 05, 2013 at 12:37 AM
I'd also like to thank our local YMCA for summer camps, Big Brothers & Sisters for Dylan's Big Brothers, weSPARK for Wendie Jo's free cancer support center who helped us both, Frank Miceli for giving a kid a shot at an art show and to play ball, the public school system for not failing and often being better than private institutions and so many more local places where a 'solo' parent as a widow got help from her community so her own child wasn't at risk of losing his way. ALL kids deserve a chance to have a childhood so they'll learn to never give up hope.


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