'Take it To The Limit' with Studio City's Former Eagles Star Randy Meisner

The local musician talks in a rock history interview from his home in Studio City

Randy Meisner lives on a cul-de-sac in Studio City that looks out over Universal Studios. He's the voice of Take it to the Limit and Midnight Flyer from the Eagles, and still involved in making music, not only in reunion tours, but with a group called W.C.R. which stands for World Classic Rockers.

Music historian John Beaudin of the RockHistoryBook.com website does an extensive interview with Meisner, talking about his glory days, and what he is wokring on now, and about his house, which he describes:

"I am on a little street that has a drive-way that comes to my house and there is a dead end and below my house is a lot of land and it is like in the mountains towards Universal city where you really can't build on the hills. So, I leave my gates open for the deer and the animals and we feed them every night. It is like six feet from us and I think animals are the most wonderful things in the world."

His wildlife now doesn't consist of predatory fans as much anymore, as real wildlife.

Well, we have had a bobcat come up here but I just consider them beautiful animals. The thing is we take pictures because people do not believe us like in Hollywood Hills that there could be that many animals. Believe me over the last fourteen years we have built so much trust with them. We can watch them or put food out while they are eating and they don't even move.

Read the complete interview here.

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