Valerie Bertinelli Buys Cupcakes, Nicole Richie at Gym Breaks; Ashley Greene Works Out with Friend, Kanye West Dines at Xen

What celebs have you seen out and about?

Valerie Bertinelli is taking it one day at a time as far as her weight issues, and she is checking in at a few of the workout spots along Ventura Bouelvard and was seen ducking in at least one program that helps with weight reduction. Of course, she's around Studio City a lot because she is taping Hot in Cleveland on the CBS Radford Lot.

Anyway, she recently Tweeted out some cupcake photos from Big Sugar Bakery, and gushed about them saying: "Scored these pretty, little ‪#cupcake gift packs." Her handle is ‪@Wolfiesmom and then she wrote about going to Marshalls to shop. . . . 

Kanye West drew a lot of attention showing up at the super-cool Xen Lounge Will Smith and Duane Martin who owns the hot new club in Studio City . . .

Nicole Richie is the biggest distraction it seems lately for paparazzi along Ventura Boulevard. She goes into the gym, or in to another place for yoga, and the comes out and they snap her while she's on a gym break and then she goes back in and the snap her some more (see the video). 

She looks great, and she's always stylish, even after sweating up a storm. Lately, people are speculating the healthy green drink she's bringing along with her in her Givenchy handbag that may be a new beauty secret . . . 

Check out the video above too, of a series of shots of longtime Studio City local starlet Ashley Greene coming and going to a bunch of workout sessions at her favorite gym along Ventura Bouelvard. She's keeping very fit and she's awaiting the release of her new movie with fellow Studio City resident, Miley Cyrus. It's called LOL: Laughing Out Loud and it's an adaptation of a French film. It's not that Lionsgate is no longer backing the movie wholeheartedly, it's just that they're waiting for the right time to release it, and it will only be opening at first in a handful of cities.

Anyway, as the video above shows, Ashley is keeping in shape.

Tell us whom you've seen below.


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