William Shatner Joins the 'Carmageddon' Campaign

The Studio City resident Tweets his piece.

Longtime Studio City resident joined the celebrity Twitter campaign to warn residents to stay away from the 405 during construction next weekend.

He is joining Ashton Kutcher, Kim Kardashian and others in the campaign to tell the residents and visitors to stay away.

"LA friends have you heard about Carmageddon? The 405 will close on July 16 &17. Stay at home preparing for The Captains on 7/21 on Epix. MBB"

The former Star Trek Captain Kirk managed to plug The Captains which is a documentary being produced by Shatner and is scheduled to appear on the Epix Cable Network. The film is described as a compilation of all the stars who have played Star Trek captains in the films and TV shows.

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