Zac Efron Shops with Rumer Willis, Eva Longoria Flies Off to Spain; Jessica Alba Buys Amaryllis, Olivia Wilde Tries to Train

Adrian Griener, Rachel Bilson, Ashley Tisdale, the Kardashians and many others mentioned and seen around town.

spent a lot of this past Tuesday out and about in Studio City with his longtime pal Rumer Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and . This was only a few days after the High School Musical Studio City resident was seen carousing around with at a party in Malibu. angrily denied fooling around with Zac on Twitter (but see the video above of her getting a bit wild and she being piggybacked by Zac, taken by guys spying outside the house and see more photos here) . . .

carried his iPhone 4 around while he walked down Ventura Boulevard with Rumer and a few other friends and stopped into to buy a few things. He was also joined by his Gigantic friend Ryan Rottman, and then they all went to for some smoothies .  . .

What a surprising delight to catch a screening of Zookeeper the other day and find it as much fun for adults as for kids. The unlikely romance stars funny guy Kevin James who is often seen around The S.C., about a zookeeper who also learns the secret that animals can talk. Some of the surprising voices are also S.C. regulars, such as Cher (as the lioness), Sylvester Stallone (the lion), Judd Apatow (the elephant), Nick Nolte (the gorilla) and more. It’s a lot of fun and probably the movie to go see when the rest of the theaters are full at the . . . .

Around the Week in The S.C.


Seth Rogan loves his . He must have heard about it from , who’s becoming a regular.


 Adrian Griener makes the Entourage tour pretty regularly in Griffith Park. He can be seen jogging there, past the zoo, nearly every weekend. . . . 


was friendly and charming posing with the dancers from Rage as well as the families of the military at the July 4 fundraiser for his charity, the Lopez Foundation. Nicole Scherzinger, the model and dancer, was at the event and posed for pictures with him, too. . . . 


Chris Noth was drinking coffee at Aroma in Tujunga Village.

went out to buy a Topshop maxi skirt.


Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald were shopping for a whole shopping cart full of food at Gelson’s.


and friends took in a show at the Roosevelt Hotel seeing Pop Shop at the Beacher’s Madhouse.


Studio City resident Eva Longoria is off to Spain this week with her boyfriend Eduardo Cruz. They’re taking a train across the country together, visiting Eduardo’s family. . . .

loves buying flowers, and while holding hands with her toddler daughter Honor Marie, she stopped in to a flower shop in Studio City to buy an amaryllis. . . .

Olivia Wilde, the sexy bisexual doctor from House, is taking her physical training very seriously and working out regularly in an S.C. gym. However, this past week, after the long holiday weekend, she came out of her extra-long private training session and was disappointed to find a ticket on her car windshield. . . .

The Kardashian gals are planning to pitch in to help spread the word to next weekend and try to keep the traffic down. Just this past weekend, and Lamar Odom were at the Universal Theme Park and Kim Kardashian was seen at a TV studio on Thursday. . . .


Lots of celebs showed up at a fundraiser for “A Scent for Humanity” which is a literacy program that involves many celebrities pitching in to raise money. Judy Tenuta, Lester Speight, Sonia Rockwell and James Pitt were among the stars who came to the Eleanor Jean boutique last week.

Irene DeBlasio July 08, 2011 at 02:52 PM
If you come to Studio City, Mind your Ps and Qs. Someone's watching all the time, All your Don'ts and Dos. You may surmise it's Google. Ha Ha, too bad. You lose. It's Mr Studio City Watching over youse.


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