19 Ways to Reduce your Carbon Footprint in Studio City

Check out these tips for reducing your carbon footprint with Studio City's help.

Every time you buy a cup of coffee at, do you think about the impact that coffee has had on our environment? The carbon output of the farm machines that cultivated the coffee bean or the airplane/truck/boats that were used to transport those beans to your local store? What about the all the trees that were killed to make your paper cup and sleeve or the water and electricity used to get that perfect brew?

While it’s unthinkable for most of us to give up our morning coffee, we should all start asking ourselves, what steps can we take to minimize our carbon footprint? If we all make an effort to start acting more environmentally conscious, we can make a difference in protecting our earth from further damage.

Here is a list of quick tips for reducing your carbon footprint in Studio City.

1. Buy reusable coffee mugs and get 10 cents off your purchase at and . Or ask for ceramic mugs while sipping at a local coffee shop like or . 

2. Buy and sell used clothes at Studio City’s many resale-clothing stores. Check out and Wasteland for buying and selling young, trendy and fashion-forward designer clothing at affordable prices. Or support the independent business owners for more timeless designer resale at , , and .

3. Plant a tree with the help of . Through their free Citizen Forestry Program, interested members of the community are given the knowledge and support to carry out tree-planting projects all over the neighborhood. If that commitment is too large, click here for instructions on how and where to plant a tree and head over to Sego Nursery or the Armstrong Garden Center to buy your own.

4. Support the environment and the library on the last Saturday of every month at the Friends of the Book Sale. Open to members at 9am and the public from 10am to 2pm, with prices ranging from 25 cents to $1.00, and a plethora of books from all genres, this sale can't be beat. In an effort to go green, they ask that all shoppers bring their own bags to carry home their purchases. Also on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. head to the library to your old books in good condition.

5. Recycle old printer and fax machine ink and toner cartridges at and . Staples gives back $2 in Staples Rewards Cash for every cartridge recycled (up to 10 per month), while Office Depot will send you free toner and ink recycling boxes for your home or office.

6. Buy local at the . Get all of your fruits, vegetables, flowers, poultry, beef, fish and so much more! The food you get will not only taste better and be better for you, but you'll be supporting your local community, local farmers, and the environment.

7. Ditch disposable water bottles and buy a sporty stainless steel water bottle at .

8. Stop using paper napkins and replace them with reusable cloth ones that you can buy at or

9. Use eco-friendly cleaning products like Begley’s Best, from Studio City resident and Patch columnist, .

10. Don’t have space for a garden outside? Plant a garden anywhere in your home without soil. Go to in Studio City for everything you need. Their knowledgeable staff will help instruct you on how to plant a garden using hydroponics, a method that allows for plants to grow in water. Check out for exotic pots and accessories for your indoor or outdoor gardens.

11. Paper or plastic? Neither! Pick up a reusable bag at to carry your groceries the next time you shop or for something more trendy, try . Read for more information on the harmfulness of plastic bags.

12. Avoid ingesting harmful chemicals by eating at the which serves raw, vegan, organic and tasty cuisine. At the smoothies and café food are 100% organic. And stop by , the raw, organic, vegan gourmet dessert shop.

13. Shop green. Check out Green and Greener: Eco-Friendly General Store and Design Center, on Laurel Canyon, for all your environmentally friendly products. From recycled clothing and bags, to hemp dog collars, compost bins and bathing products. Other Studio City shops with environmentally conscious products are , and .

14. Support the first “green” bank in Studio City. The new on Ventura Blvd and Coldwater Canyon is made largely of recycled materials, reduces energy usage by 20 % with its light harvesting system, and water usage by 40% with its water-saving plumbing fixtures. Read more about the bank here.

15. Take your dog to Sam’s Green Paw for boarding, grooming and day care.  While their building is fully equipped with the most eco-friendly office products, ventilation, paint and plumbing, they make all their pickups and deliveries using their hybrid car service and use non-toxic shampoos and conditioners for gentle pet care. Also check out for all natural pet food and treats.

16. Recycle bottles and cans for cash at the recycling center located at on Laurel Canyon and Ventura.

17. Make sure your dry cleaner uses environmentally friendly, non-toxic products, and while you’re there recycle old hangers in their hanger recycling boxes. The gloats about their greenness in their name, but most Studio City dry cleaners are environmentally friendly. Look up yours in the Patch Directory.

18. Buy a bike at or and use it for your commute to work, or weekend fun! Click for more info on riding a bike in Studio City.

19. Next time you need your carpet cleaned, try Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning. They use an organic, citrus based cleaning solution that is safe for your family, your pets and the environment.

If you’re a local business doing your share for the environment, please let us know in the comments below. If you’re a reader that knows of something we missed, let us know too. Reducing our carbon footprint should be foremost on everyone’s minds, and we can use all the suggestions on how to do that that we can get.


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