BriteShot Lights Up Studio City—and Beyond

The new lighting system now has a local representative.

As progressive as Hollywood may seem as an industry, there are some things that are tough to change.

Their lighting, for example. Now, there’s a new kind of light in town, a powerful light that can brighten up a film set, and it consumes the least amount of energy.

BriteShot, with its Light-Emitting Diode fixture and multiple-color options, is a new product in the entertainment industry, and there’s a local rep that just opened up in Studio City.

“We have made some inroads into some of the shows that are more open-minded to it, but there’s always some skepticism when dealing with the people working in the industry,” said Robert Crevelon, the local BriteShot representative.  “They like to do it like they’ve always done.”

BriteShot has a full color Luminator which features a low power consumption of only 3.8 amps. It also has built-in special effects such as Police, Fire Truck, Fire, Lightning and more, all while emitting no heat.

There’s built-in color correction, green spike elimination and wireless operation through the iPod, iPad, iPhone Touch or Android device.

“We have one of the most powerful LED lights you'll find in the marketplace today,” Crevelon said.

The half-dozen versions allows for special effects and is a lighting system with computer boards.

So far, BriteShot helped light the red carpets this year at the Emmy Awards. They’ve been used on television shows such as How I Met Your Mother,  2 Broke Girls and How to Live With Your Parents.

The lights have been used in special effects on Blue Bloods and Boardwalk Empire.

“These are good for location shoots because they can be used in household outlets,” Crevelon said. 

Crevelon recently moved from San Francisco to help introduce the new lighting system to Hollywood. The company has offices in New York and Florida.

“There are some old school guys who do not want to switch to new technology or use something different from what they are used to,” Crevelon said. “The younger guys are more ably to shift a little bit. We just have to show them what an advantage it is.”

The lighting system has been around for four years, and can light up a scene between 3,100K to 6,800K — all with using just 3.8 amps.

Crevelon can be reached at BriteShot, click here. Information about the lights are on their website: briteshot.com.


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