Brittany Snow Sips Mojitos; Jonas Brothers Get Burritos; Mayim Bialik Blossoms Into a Hottie; Zac Efron Slips Into His Audi

More sightings of Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kim Kardashian, and more.

Brittany Snow just wrapped a movie called Petunia about a very dysfunctional hyper-sexual family, and this week she was out with eight friends having dinner at . Spies say she munched on lettuce wraps and dumplings and sipped on those so-cool Ku Sofu Blackberry Mojitos. (Yum!)

Jonathan Chi’s hot Chinese spot in Studio City was a celeb magnet this week: UFC fighter Chuck Liddell came with his family and friends, while actress Caroline D'Amore and a bevy of girlfriends munched on Szechwan garlic string beans, braised Mandarin shrimp and sake.

Studio City residents and Chi regulars and went not once, but twice. First Gavin brought their cute kids and a few days later, Gwen came in with No Doubt band mate, Tony Kanal. Gwen then went to her parent’s house (they also live in The S.C.) wear she met up with her kids Zuma and Kingston and stepped out again in stiletto . . .

were out bowling again this week at , but rather than the usual girl-entourage, this time they had the guy who played the wanna-be football player in The Blind Side, Quinton Aaron out on the lanes with them. He wouldn't tell the camera folk outside the bowling alley anything about his time with the Jonas boys. See the video (click above), of Quinton coming out of PINZ, and they all met later down the block for a burrito run . . . . 

was showing off his spanking new Audi around town. He wore a pair of camouflage cargo shorts from Armani Exchange this week while walking to his car. He had just returned from the Walk for Autism in San Luis Obispo, where he signed autographs and smiled a lot. . . . .

Mayim Bialik from The Big Bang Theory was out in a restaurant earlier in the week, and the Studio City resident had a bunch of guys Tweeting each other about how hot little Blossom is in real life. “I can’t believe how nice Blossom grew up” said one, “I’m in love all over again,” said another. Her Big Bang is going into the fourth season . . .


         * carries cranberry juice while walking to her car after a workout.

  • wearing red leaving the gym.
  • now gym-ing four days a week.
  • on the phone with a towel around her neck and a bottle of water in her hand coming out of yoga.

Some TOP SPOTS . . .

* Elle Carpenter rehearses a show last Saturday.

* went to thewith her daughter Stella Luna on Sunday.

* out driving on Sunday, then stopping at the then going to .

* shops at with friends on Monday.

* walks along Ventura Boulevard on Tuesday.

* Isla Fisher looked like royalty when she came in for an early dinner with her daughter, Olive, in Studio City.

* leaves the gym and waves on Wednesday.

* smiles and waves on Thursday.

SECRET TIP: There will be a hot private party at The Federal on Sunday night. We’ll tell you all about it next week . . . 


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