Cactus Tacos Moves in to Henry’s Tacos Location

Meanwhile, Henry’s Tacos could be opening next week in its new location.

At least two sources have confirmed that Cactus Tacos, a family-owned taco stand from Hollywood, will be moving in to the Henry’s Tacos location at Moorpark Street and Tujunga Avenue.

That means Taco Wars in Tujunga Village because Henry’s Tacos is moving under new ownership only half a block away in the former Studio Sub location.

Cactus Tacos, or Cactus Taqueria, boasts “The Best Tacos in Hollywood.” They have two locations, at 4370 Beverly Blvd. and 950 Vine St.

Neal Golub, the real estate agent who had the listing to lease the place, said he could not confirm the new lease agreement, but it said it happened very recently.

“We had about 525 inquiries into this property,” Golub said. He did admit that Starbucks and other chain restaurants inquired into the small restaurant location, but that the owners of the property wanted to keep a small family-run business at the location, like Henry’s Tacos was for more than half a century.

“I cannot confirm who it is, but it is a family-run operation, and we hope that Patch and the people of Studio City will embrace them,” the agent said.

Property owner Mehran Ebrahimpour is out of town and could not be reached for comment. A source said that the property owner has had death threats due to the negative publicity surrounding the Henry’s Tacos move.

New Henry’s Tacos owner Omar Vega said Tuesday that he had also heard that Cactus Tacos is moving into their former location.

Workers said they are rewiring the 280-square-foot stand and will soon be painting over the Henry's Tacos writing on the outside wall.

Meanwhile, a new Henry's Tacos sign was put up half a block away at 4389 Tujunga. Also city building inspections and permit requirements are delaying Henry’s Tacos from opening as planned this week.

“It could be next week, though,” Vega said. He already has tables outside the shop, and a place inside (which the former location didn’t have.)

Stay tuned to Patch for more details as they arise.

A grown up March 27, 2013 at 11:43 PM
Couldn't agree more! :)
A grown up March 27, 2013 at 11:57 PM
I know i'm looking forward to saving some gas. No more traffic jams and dealing with angry drivers for me. I think valley fans of Cactus are going to like saving on gas, since gas prices keep fluctuating. I also agree with what mu said, "The people with a mob mentality who say they will 'boycott' (or worse) Cactus Tacos, are seriously brainwashed and/or misinformed about what really happened over the past year during the "Saving Henry's Campaign". Bottom line: everyone needs to grow up, get along, move forward and SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY SMALL BUSINESSES. Or possibly wind up with another empty shell sitting on a prominent corner of the neighborhood that "once was...". Seriously folks.... you should be ashamed of yourselves, bringing hate into this will never do this community any good. It will only make our community look bad in the eyes of newcomers. Grow up!
Wyatt Lowther March 28, 2013 at 02:01 AM
I guess I should've said I will never eat at that location (just wouldn't feel right) maybe I'll change my mind as time goes by.
Fred March 30, 2013 at 04:40 AM
Read my earlier post and please don't dare try lumping the rest of us grown ups in with some angry mob. Even though I like Omar and have know him for a long time, I have nothing against Cactus. Facts are facts though read my earlier post. Have you counted the number of resturants in two blocks? There are 9 in this small local naighborhood. The lunch business and dinner business in Tujunga Village is nothing compaired to Vine in Hollywood. His son is going to need more than luck to even make a decent living on that corner with its lack of good parking and a new children's gym that has just opened across the street with only 4 parking spaces and big birthday parties on the weekend with everyone having to park on the streets, something Henry's did not have to deal with before and does not now because of all the parking they have. I know it was pointed out earlier to me that his dad has two in the green and must know what he's doing but some of us here in Studio City have been here almost as long as Henry's . So, there are a few other grown ups speaking on this page with a factual knowledge of Tujunga Village and the local business trends over a long period of years. We have been dining on Tujunga since there were only 3 resturants on Tujunga, and Vitellos was on the other side of the street in the 60's. Thank you. One grown up to another signing off.
Naomi April 20, 2013 at 09:38 PM
I am happy to hear that cactus will be moving to studio city. They have the best tacos not only in hollywood but in all of LA!! My HUGE family and I all love cactus tacos! Can't wait till they open.


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