Cafe Aldente Chef, Jim Sahin, Remembered

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This is an excerpt from Gwen Kenneally on MyDaily Find.com, click here for the full report. And, there's one of this favorite recipes!

This week, the heart of Studio City became heavy with the passing of Jim Sahin,  who owned and operated  since 1988.

Cafe Aldente chef/owner Jim Sahin and Wendy Warren Lorenz at a Magpie Mini-Pie tasting held at Cafe Aldente last year. Jim passed away on June 26. A public memorial will be held on Sunday, July 1 at 1:30 p.m. at Rain, on the second floor above Cafe Aldente. Photo: Judith A. Proffer

I got the privilege of meeting Jim over 10 years ago when he started dating one of my dearest friends, Wendy Warren Lorenz. I was immediately drawn to his mischievous grin, the bright twinkle in his eyes, and a smile that could light up a room.

Oftentimes, when you move to a city and your family is far away, your close friends become your family. That sure was the case of Wendy and Jim. We spent holidays together, worked together (and had more than a few squabble), and were always there for each other. When I was going through a very hard time as my marriage ended, Jim made it very clear that I was never to worry about feeding myself or my daughter. I know I was only one of many he fed in times of need.

Aside from the legacy of the best meatballs in the city, the best hummus I have ever tasted ,and the most amazing tuna and chicken salad ever— he leaves an amazing son—Serkan Sahin carries Jim’s heart, his soul and his spirit.  Everything Serkan does made Jim proud.

(Go here for more and the recipe!)

A memorial tribute was held Sunday, July 1, at , above the cafe.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: On a personal note, is where I conducted my first interview for Studio City Patch, and I became a fan of the place, and a fan of Jim's since day one.)


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