Claudia Wells Suits Up Young Men for Prom in Between Her Public Appearances

The local actress, who will fit you in the finest clothes at Armani Wells, is still keeping busy.

Some young men went in to recently on Ventura Boulevard to get great jackets for their upcoming prom. Often, the store owner, actress , is finding the perfect fit to the young men who come through her doors.

But she's also finding time to satisfy fans (see photo gallery above, and video), posing with the troops, traveling to Argentina and helping children with autism.

At the beginning of May, she will be signing in Fairhaven, Mass. at the Southcoast Toy and Comic Show (www.southcoasttoyandcomic.com) featuring many celebrity guests and artists. It is New England's premiere comic convention.

The next week she will be in Las Vegas for a car show benefitting children with autism.

"If you're in the neighborhood, come visit me," Claudia says.

And if you're along Ventura Boulevard, she's offering special discounts for her goods at , like when she opened the business in Studio City.


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