Great Escape: See Downtown Like Never Before With the Inimitable Charles Phoenix

The City of Angels turns into Disneyland for a full-day walking/bus tour on Nov. 25—and then celebrates the holidays with a retro slide show on Dec. 18.

The Ambassador of Americana, performer, author and humorist Charles Phoenix is back this holiday season with a tour of downtown Los Angeles and a kitschy retro slide show for the holidays.

Phoenix, the self-proclaimed “retro daddy,” explores and celebrates classic and kitschy American life through this bus tour, as well as in his live shows, videos, books and media appearances.

“Rediscover Downtown Los Angeles as I have” says Charles Phoenix, “It’s just like a theme park!”

Phoenix conjures up a Disneyland-esque tour downtown on November 25 – all in the heart and soul of the City of Angels. It’s not like any tour you’ve been on, nor is it the downtown you think you know. He even conducts the tour with mouse ears on.

Tour attractions include: Riding Angel's Flight (Tomorrowland), Bob Baker Marionette's (Main Street, USA) with ice cream and show, Union Station (Adventureland), the futuristic Water Garden (Fantasyland), and taking the Goldline to Chinatown (like riding the Monorail).

This 6-hour walking tour (don't worry—it includes a school bus from location to location) begins at 11 a.m. sharp in front of the main entrance of Union Station, and ends at 5 p.m. The tour takes place rain or shine. Wear comfortable walking shoes.

Coming up December 18 at the Redcat Theater in Los Angeles, Phonenix presents a Retro Holiday Slide Show, celebrating  how we decorated, dressed up, dined, and drank during the holidays in the 50s and 60s by "supercharging the classic living room slide show into a laugh-out-loud extravaganza of classic and kitschy mid-century New Years, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas life and style."

Phoenix’s massive collection of found vintage Kodachrome slides inspire his live show performances, "Slide of the Week" Facebook postings, and colorful coffee table books – including, Southern California in the 50s and Americana the Beautiful.

In addition to his performances and school bus field trip tours, Phoenix’s madcap ‘test kitchen’ videos show his festive culinary creations including the Cherpumple pie-stuffed cake, the Astro Weenie Christmas Tree and Fried Cereal. 

Tickets  for the tour are $79; Ticket for the Retro Holiday Slide Show are $30. To purchase tickets and for more information, visit www.charlesphoenix.com


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