Joe Jonas waits, Miley Cyrus flashes, Ryan Gosling dates, Kristen Stewart crashes

What the stars are doing around town.

Ryan Gosling  is filming Drive in town with Carey Mulligan, but it's not his co-star that he's hanging out with a lot in Studio City. He's been seen a lot lately with a mystery gal, whom some people call "his assistant" at places like Teru Sushi this week, and grabbing some coffee at the Coffee Bean. Ryan will also be seen soon with Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine and reports are that the sex scenes got particularly steamy.

* This Wednesday (Sept. 29) Joe Jonas was outside a gym waiting for his gal-pal Ashley Greene. She was caught checking her iPhone before she joined her beau, and then she went to find some Donna Karan dresses to wear at the next red carpet event that the two of them will be attending.

* Miley Cyrus  turned out for Joe's brother Nick Jonas's birthday bash in Studio City this week and wore her standard hot pants, but her top was a bit too clear—shocking fans of the 17-year-old starlet. She went to see her friend and LOL co-star Ashley Greene, was there, too. Miley and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth were snatching a smoothie at Robeks a little later.

* Demi Lovato went bowling with Kim Kardashian's brother, rob at PINZ Bowling Center this week. They were walking together (and bowling) and cuddling, according  to JustJared.com and then they went down the block along Ventura Boulevard for some In-N-Out. Demi was an ex of Joe Jonas, too.

* Kristen Stewart can't get recognized without her boyfriend Rob Pattinson around. But, Rob was in England while the 20-year-old vamp was in Studio City. Sans make-up and sunglasses, wearing flip-flops and jeans, Kristen ordered at Peet's and the cashier was told that he just served "the girl from Twilight." The guy promptly replied, "I don't go for that vampire crap." Ooops!

*  Twice this week, Jay Leno joked on The Tonight Show about driving on Coldwater Canyon Boulevard, and one time talking about his cell phone reception going out while driving the path between his Beverly Hills home and his job at NBC Studios in Burbank. Jay better watch out because here he is caught again, and he's known for taking pictures of people while he's driving, and that can get you a ticket.

* Transformers 3 may not have local resident Megan Fox in it anymore, but it's going to take place in a Studio City restaurant. (Megan was seen again in SC with hubby Brian Austin Green at Asanebo this week)  Romanov's, the building with the turrets on Ventura Boulevard, is going to be the place that a crucial scene takes place in the latest installment of the toys-turned-blockbuster series. Megan did say that she thought it would be weird watching Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as Shia LaBeouf's girfriend. Fox opted out of the third movie.

Ellen Pompeo, a local resident, picked up some boxes of hangers to organize her closet from Bed, Bath & Beyond this week. The actress, who was recently on the cover of TV Guide with Patrick Dempsey.

REEL ESTATES. Ashley Depp, the director of custom marketing for Universal Studios Home Entertainment, purchased a $929,000 house in the Colfax Meadows neighborhood that's three bedroom and three bathrooms.

Documentary producer Ramy Katrib purchased a three-bathroom, two-bedroom house for $750,000 in the Fryman Canyon area. Katrib founded DigitalFilm Tree, a research and development production company.

Coolest Thing to Do this Weekend:  Schedule a trip to the Bistro Gardens. Even if you missed their 20th anniversary specials last week, it's still a treat (read our Shop & Dine take on the place).

Coolest Drink: Even when it's 113 degrees outside, the cashew shake (or the kale shake, it's not as bad as it sounds), people come in to the SunPower Natural Cafe to cool off.


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