Justin Bieber Takes on Ludacris, Selena Gomez Gets a Kiss; Vanessa Hudgens Carries a Mat, Demi Lovato Isn’t Fat

Also sightings of Joe Jonas, Hilary Duff, Ashley Tisdale, Ellen Pompeo and more by Mr. Studio City.

is staying mum on the that he did not far from his home in Studio City in an underground garage. The simple explanation is that despite initial police description that he was rear-ended, it was the Biebs who tapped the car (police, who were unfortunately inundated with the ridiculous amount of media calls about it did not have a report to look at so some details were muddled).

Bieb’s main handler who was in the car suggested that they call the cops because otherwise someone may try to sue, but the cops said they couldn’t even see a dent, so they said no report was needed. Yet, the interest in anything was incredible.

The only thing is talking about (on his Twitter and when he’s cornered) is about his new Christmas album that he hopes to get done by the end of the year, and the basketball smack-down he’s doing this Sunday in Atlanta at a charity event with Ludacris. The Team Bieber-Team Ludacris craziness is getting fans all in an uproar, and it’s for a good cause. calls Atlanta his “second home.”

The celebrity basketball game LudaDay Weekend by DTPrecords.com features NBA stars Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul. Luda’s team will take on Beiber and his crew and Luda kidded on a radio show that the Bieb is his “mentor” who he goes to for advice on women.

Meanwhile, the Bieb did this week happened not far from where his present girlfriend used to live in Studio City (see the video above).

went to the MTV Awards together as everyone saw, and they stopped into’s in Studio City for a quick bite before heading out (with that bodyguard still watching out for them). Meanwhile, the latest online speculation is whether the 17-year-old boy singer is still a virgin after dating the older 18-year-old Gomez. An online poll suggested only 29 percent of the poll respondents thing he still is and that he will be a man-of-honor and not talk about it. . . .

Bieber saw his neighbor from Toluca Lake at the recent MTV Music Video Awards, , and gave her a big hut, and she was just back from rehab for depression, bipolar disorder and cutting. The just-turned 19-year-old (Aug. 20 was her b-day) is being helped by her friends, the who also live locally, and Bieber, but she’s been plagued with nasty Twitters from fans that say she looks a bit fat in her recovery. The Disney damsel shot back on Twitter, saying this week, "Guess what, I'm healthy and happy, and if you're hating on my weight you obviously aren't. :) #UNBROKEN." . . . 

This just in! flew six hours just to catch Taylor Swift in concert. Photos to prove it. . . . 

Scene around The S.C. . . .

* pops in at the local in Studio City (there are three.) See here  bit.ly/omCKoj

* Then, theres’ leaving a . bit.ly/oR6FZS

* is going shopping with friends at the at Ventura and Vineland, and pops into the other shops along the way.

hits the gym in Studio City. http://bit.ly/poLpJ7 #celebrity

* and her new BFF, model Laura New are caught leaving a friend’s house in Studio City on Aug. 25. (Check out the video above.)

And, just a few days ago, was caught by shutterbugs toting her new purple yoga mat to her favorite workout spot. (Again, see the video in our photo gallery above.)


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