McGrath Family, Parties and Pranks, Part 2 (VIDEO)

Big parties on Pacoima Court, and reminiscing about North Hollywood High.

There were parties—oh, there were parties—and there were pranks too.

Listen to hear how the McGrath siblings discuss their times growing up in Studio City.

Mary McGrath recalls:

Like most athletic kids, we liked playing ball in the house, much to my mother’s chagrin. One morning, we were playing “Pickle” with two magazines as bases.  I was running back and forth, trying not to get tagged by my brothers, when I tripped on the carpeting and hit my head on the marble-topped coffee table. Four stitches later, I was back at home, planning on when we could resume the game. A few months later, I slipped again and fell on our floor heater, and got a nice waffle scald on my thigh.  I call it my athletic tattoo.

Teresa and I were always playing outside, and thankfully, there was a gully at the end of our block that provided lots of adventure throughout the years. One of our closest pals was Dennis Vitarelli, who was two years younger. The three of us spent many an afternoon in that gully jungle, investigating the ominous storm drain that snaked under Carpenter Avenue. We’d swing on the vines over the ravine, build forts and enjoy the Tom Sawyer lifestyle.


Watch all the videos to get a unique slice of life into the world of growing up along Laurel Canyon Boulevard a few decades ago.


The McGrath Clan Chronicles:

Mary McGrath October 11, 2011 at 01:17 PM
So many great times were shared on Pacoima Court and Studio City in general. I'd love to hear the memories of some of you other Patch readers...


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