Missed Rusty’s Party? Dogs Celebrate Sunday at Bone Sweet Bone

Heidi isn't free to trick-or-treat at Rusty’s Pet Center’s annual Halloween festivities, but there’s a new bash on the block

Missed Rusty’s Party? Dogs Celebrate Sunday at Bone Sweet Bone

Heidi isn't free to trick-or-treat at Rusty’s Pet Center’s annual Halloween festivities, but there’s a new bash on the block.

Even though traditional costumes would suggest Halloween is more of a cat kind of holiday, dogs are the experts on trick-or-treat, no matter what time of year.

Since moving to Studio City, Heidi has nurtured several important treat connections. First is the Biscuit Lady—end of the block, turn right.  She was the first one to amaze and delight the dog by running out with a snack when Heidi passed her house.  It only happens once in awhile now, but Heidi always stops, sniffs, grins and wags her tail in hopes that her friend will come out of the yellow house with something special. This has been going on for about eight years, even though the odds are 20-to-1.

Then came Biscuit Lady II, whom Heidi met later in her shameless neighborhood treat hunt. Biscuit Lady II, trim and athletic, is out every morning for a long power-walk with her doberman, a female who, like Heidi, is often taken for a male just because of her breed. Bratty Heidi used to bark at Doberman Girlfriend until Biscuit Lady II took to tossing a cookie in Heidi’s direction for Heidi to catch in her mouth.  For this perk sometimes Heidi will actually shut up and sit for a few seconds, but then causes a ruckus by barking an enthusiastic thank-you.

Heidi’s most recent biscuit source recently dried up after several profitable years. For a while there she could count on lovely chewy doggie sausages from a very nice man down the street who spends a lot of time outside in the sun, polishing his vintage American muscle car. Sometimes, he’d give her two, even though she always drooled in his hand. He has since abandoned the tradition (maybe it was the drool) but Heidi hasn’t, still making a beeline toward his driveway if she sees his garage open so much as a crack.

Naturally, our treat slut was very disappointed to learn that she would not be able to attend the big Friday night Halloween party for dogs at Rusty’s Discount Pet Center because her parents had the nerve to get tickets to The Book of Mormon at the Pantages. She loved the late Rusty, and all of us were disappointed to miss the opportunity to attend his memorial tribute. But earlier this week I took Heidi out to see what else might be available for dogs this weekend, so we could pass along our tips to other dogs who might have missed Rusty’s party but still are in the mood for a spooky celebration.

One way to give your dog the trick-or-treat experience is to visit virtually any of the local dog boutiques or pet supply stores, at this time of year pimped with pumpkins, dressed with doggie decorations and chock full of costumes in case you insist on embarrassing your dog on the actual trick or treat circuit with the kids on Tuesday night. 

We don’t do costumes—bandanas only—but we were happy to see that this year there were a number of costumes for large canines, including a labrador sized red lobster at Rusty’s. Heidi also managed to talk me into buying her a very special pumpkin cookie at K9 Loft in Sherman Oaks, partly to keep Heidi from helping herself to everything at nose level.

We found another party, and there’s still time be part of it!  From 4:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. Sunday, Bone Sweet Bone, 11324 Ventura Blvd, is hosting its first doggie Halloween party. We dropped in on Wednesday and met employee Vanessa Perez, who said that there were already 35 RSVP’s. She also showed off some dog costumes, including the L’il Devil, the ever-popular bumblebee and a tiny smoking jacket with pipe.

The shop has been open for five years, but store owner Santiago Ramirez was inspired to make 2012 the first Halloween party. 

“I’ve always wanted to do something, either for Halloween or Christmas. And this year I got some cool costumes that I didn’t get any other years and I’m like, why not?” he said.

Heidi's like why not, too? Ramirez says his favorite dog costume in the shop is “the little princess one, with fairy wings, that’s the cutest one so far.” But he added: “Some of our guests are making their own costumes. I’m most excited to see the ones that they make.”  Besides a costume contest, the event will feature raffles, games and prizes. Interested?  Visit the website or call 818-985-BONE.


Michele October 27, 2012 at 02:08 PM
the event was really fun. I was kind of surprised there were that many there. i think any time there are events where the community can get off their couches and from out of in front of a tv, it is a good thing
Diane Haithman October 27, 2012 at 06:29 PM
Hi Michele, thanks for the report! We have never been to Rusty's Halloween party but we have dropped by for the annual Easter Egg hunt and always had a lot of fun. We miss Rusty, but the place is still the greatest!
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