Nick Jonas Gets Vocal, Tony Danza Moves Local; Miley Cyrus Lies, Chris Noth Buys

Also included are Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, Heidi Montag, Ashley Greene, Vanessa Hudgens, Harry Hamlin and more.

is singing outside my window. Yeah, somehow early this afternoon it’s possible (maybe the wind blowing, or the configuration of the hills, or the loud amplification), to hear him rehearsing at the for Hairspray, which is going on still on Saturday and Sunday (tickets still available!)

It’s funny, because Nick (who was bowling at with his new girlfriend Delta Goodrem this week) snatched the role from another Studio City resident, , who did the most recent film version of the campy John Waters musical. Other locals who could practically walk to the Bowl who are in the show include Corbin Bleu (recreating his role), John Stamos, Michael McDonald (who is practically my neighbor), Mo Gaffney and maybe some of the others (I know Harvey Fierstein heralds from New York, but they could just as easily recruited Bruce Vilanch who did the traveling version of Edna Turnblad). Anyway, what a great show (check out my friend critic Jonas Schwartz’s review here)—and it sounds fine even from afar. . . .

sold a $9 million house in Malibu so he could finally move into the Studio City house he has over in . It’s 4,978 square feet and not fare from, , most recently and other famous neighbors . . .

was caught in a fib. She was out on the streets Friday in Studio City where fans waved and then were all a-twitter on their Tweets about meeting her, but one fan asked her outright about moving to her She said she did not buy the home and that reports were false. Uh oh, Miley, public records don’t lie, but you did. Now fans are lambasting the Disney starlet for lying to fans. She obviously didn’t want anyone looking up her address and stalking her (even though it’s in a locked area), and reports are that she has already moved everything into the house and has lived there for more than a week . . . .

Mr. Big, Chris Noth, from Sex and the City, and of course now The Good Wife, was out buying a bunch of fresh veggies at the last weekend. He was polite and said “Hi” to everyone who recognized him. Wonder if his character will make it into the rumored pre-quel to the Sex and the City movie that is being discussed. . . . .

It was also sad to see that our local City Councilman Tom LaBonge lost a dear friend, who played Cha-Cha in Grease, Annette Cardona, this week (). . . .


SEEN on THE SCENE in SC . . .

FRIDAY. with two guys at for a late lunch.

THURSDAY. Bridget Marquardt spotted twice this week, both times at and almost sitting at the same seat outside and dining (at least once), by herself. Help that Girl Next Door get a date!

WEDNESDAY. coming out of her workout session wearing a Wonder Woman T-shirt (not wet) and carrying water. Check out more photos on Just Jared, and see some above.

TUESDAY. and girlfriend Delta Goodrem out in public for the first time at (making their romance official!)

MONDAY. Tia Mowry, star of The Game, lunched at Hugo’s in Studio City with friends and family and her husband Cory Hardrict and their month-old son Cree. (See photos above and more here.)

SATURDAY. in a wild Egyptian princess outfit walking down Ventura Boulevard (see photo gallery above). Reports say she was buying some alcohol.

FRIDAY. Local gal  looking all official getting copies made and then going into an office complex.

THURSDAY.dined at in Studio City.

TUESDAY. again, out bike riding (see photos).

Saturday, Aug. 5 is the 49th anniversary of the death of Marilyn Monroe, and many of the activists who keep her memory alive at the Westwood Cemetery through the group Marilyn Remembered are from Studio City. Catherine and Teresa Seeger, a mother-and-daughter team of Marilyn fans who lived in Studio City most of their lives, united with pianist Greg Schreiner to preserve the superstar’s memory since 1982 (see the website:  Marilyn Remembered at http://www.marilynremembered.org.)

Sunday, Aug. 6 is the official of Lucille Ball, which reminded of the last time he saw the famous red-head live an in person at the Academy Awards in 1989 just before she died. She looked happy and overwhelmed. At the recent Hollywood Museum tribute to her, I told her publicist a story that I think shows the legacy of Lucy. While traveling (alone with two guides) in a remote part of Borneo along the Banjabaru River, I spent a day and night with a pygmy tribe that once were cannibals (not far from where the Rockefeller chap disappeared and was never seen from again). It was more adventurous days for Mr. Studio City, and the tribal chieftan pointed to a Vita-meta-vegimen shirt and asked (through the two translators), “How is Lucy?” It was astounding that in a village with no electricity that took three plane rides, four days canoeing down a river and a six-hour hike, there was a nearly-naked tribe that knew Lucy. I had to sadly report that she had passed away. The chief then asked if he could trade me my T-shirt for a sword with monkey teeth and a goat horn. And, I did it.

“Wow,” Watson her publicist said, “I don’t know if there’s anything that can tell her legacy and the power of her comedy better than that story.”

Certainly, everyone loved Lucy.


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