Overheard at Coffee Bean

A mom and daughter were looking at cakes and muffins through the looking glass counter. The kid points out the craziness of adults. Here is what they said.

A mother and daughter are standing by the racks of confectionaries and baked goods, looking at shelf after shelf of sweet possible treats.

KID:  Can I have that one?

MOM: No, shhhhh!

KID: Mom.

MOM ignores her.

KID: Mom.

Mom ignores her.

KID: Mom, can I have the cake over here?

MOM: We're not getting anything now. We're just looking.

KID: Mom.


KID: Why do you want to look at cake you're not gonna eat!


Observations by Don Helverson, who is also our Pet Peeves writer.

Original artwork by local seventh-grade cartoonist Rio Rojas.


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