Small Business Photos Around Studio City: Monks, Soups, Other Fun Stuff

Post your Studio City small business pictures directly on the site.

There are some very unusual pictures, all courtesy of you.

Doug Fenske snapped a "real life monk" at a Starbucks.

Longtime food writer JoAnn "Jo" Sougaard of My Last Bite, was so tickled that she got carded at Katsu-Ya  when ordering a Kirin. "Best anniversary present ever," she Tweets.

Darren Marble takes a delicious picture of his Artisan Cheese Gallery meal.

Burt Bakman shot a "birthday surprise" workout schedule at the new Studio City CrossFit.

There's new office art that was framed by Studio City Custom Frame.

Christine Kirk points out the freshly baked pumpkin pie at Le Pain Quotidien.

Dave Oldham took a photo of the Gilligan's Island remaining lagoon and bridge from the CBS Radford lot.

And of course there's a picture of Claudia Wells, always looking hot!


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