Stacy Keibler Walks Dog at Fryman Park, Nicole Richie Hits Gym After Dark; Miley Cyrus Wears Springsteen Shirt, Vanessa Hudgens Keeps Alert

Jennifer Love Hewitt, the cast of Modern Family and others are pictured. See the videos and photos.

looked stunning on the arm of at the, but she can also be seen running with her dog Einstein usually every morning in , not far from where George lives in Studio City (the second place he has owned in the area).

She unfortunately may be known mostly as the latest main squeeze of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor (and a frontrunner for the Oscar pool after his Globe win for), but she’s an actress, too.

She was in Psych, Chuck, How I Met Your Mother and Samurai Girl. She has a movie called Dysfunctional Friends coming up and was a “working girl” in Bubble Boy and “Blonde on a Bus” in John Waters’ Pecker. (Speaking of pecker, what about those penis jokes George pulled at the Globes? Guess he won’t be doing that at the Oscars.) . . .

She was also a Ravens cheerleader, and the couple was almost late to the Globes because she was watching the game on TV, the Baltimore Ravens beat the Houston Texans 20 to 13 in an exciting game.

Check out photos above of Stacy and her dog at Fryman Park. . . .

also looked great at the and she was hawking her new clothing line “House of Harlow 1960” wherever she could. She has been working out a lot lately, day and night, in Studio City, and shutterbugs are following her constantly. . . .

Hardly a days go by in Studio City without a sighting. She’s out shopping all the time, lately, whether if it’s at a place looking for or More recently, she’s discovered in Studio City, and gave the new club a little bit of a buzz…

She was recently running errands with an unidentified guy and wearing a Bruce Springsteen T-shirt under a Levi’s jean jacket (see the photos above). . .

bought some new glasses in Studio City this week and stopped off at in Studio City. 

The locals at the Globes looked great, including thegang,and (both Studio City residents), and , who used to live in Studio City.

In fact, who has that famous tiled house in the hills above Studio City, said Harrison lived right across the street from him, and helped him tile a bathroom in the back of the house. That was just after he did that space ship movie, and landed that Indiana Jones role.

Finally,  is more aware of her public smooching with boyfriend . She's also been rumored to be cozy with her Journey 2: The Mysterious Island co-star Josh Hutcherson and has been in Studio City, too. The two of them did date, but it's all in the past now, she says. 

Miki Henderson January 17, 2012 at 09:02 AM
I met Stacy on the trail and she was a delight! I'm so glad George brought her to the neighborhood. What a classy lady. You should do an interview on her.


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