SunDayMoon Boutique Offers Diverse Designs from Morning to Night

SunDayMoon is one of the newest boutique, women's clothing stores on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City.

SunDayMoon, one of the newest women’s boutique clothing stores to grace Ventura Boulevard in Studio City with its presence, opened its doors to the public last October. 

Ventura Boulevard has become a mecca for trendy boutique stores, often drawing the attention of shoppers looking for unique clothing items or accessories to set them apart from the apparel that is most often found in ubiquitous chain clothing stores.  From dresses, skinny jeans, furry vests, jackets, jewelry and handbags, will undoubtedly help its customers stand out from the crowd in the best possible way. 

Beverly Mahram, the enthusiastic owner of SunDayMoon, chose the Studio City location for her store because, as she describes, “ I really liked it here. The people are super friendly and polite and I feel like the strip right here is great for boutiques.  People come out here to find unique stuff.” 

Mahram dove head first into choosing how to design the store, picking out the color schemes and furniture pieces that adorn the store, including black and white themed dressing rooms with gorgeous chandeliers as well as a zebra print rug to give the store that little extra touch, but still keeping it simple.

Mahram originally went to law school and works in law, however, after working behind a desk, she discovered that a law career wasn’t for her.  She hopes to soon make the permanent transition into retail and leave the law world behind.

Mahram explained, “ I love retail and giving good customer service, and I realized my personality is not law.  I like interacting with people.  It’s fun for me and I cannot sit behind a desk.”  Mahram elaborates on her view of the keys to having a successful clothing store.  “If you give good customer service and you have unique clothes that you cannot find in department stores and just go as low as possible on the price, I believe people will come.”

Many clothing stores tend to be pushy or a little overbearing when customers enter the store and look around at the merchandise, but Mahram wants the customers to feel at home at SunDayMoon. 

One of Mahram’s philosophies is that she doesn’t want her employees to push people and wants her customers to feel free to walk around the store for as long as they want, without first being bombarded. 

As a store that aims to focus on its community by anticipating the various styles of each customer to meet each person's individual needs, SunDayMoon also supports local Los Angeles designers. 

L.A.—based designers make up approximately 80% of the clothing sold in the store.  One fashion designer, Nathalia Gaviria, tends to create funkier and edgier clothing and is seen in the labels of many of the items inside SunDayMoon.

Although she is originally from Colombia, she now resides locally. Some of her designs have drawn inspiration from Colombian Indians, women from the 1920s, robots and cities.  Her line consists of dresses, tops, skirts and jackets. Mahram typically goes to the showroom to choose which Gaviria clothing to buy to sell in SunDayMoon.

One unique characteristic of owning a small boutique is that SunDayMoon is very focused on their customers and by working closely with local designers, such as Nathalia Gaviria, Mahram is able to provide her customers with top of the line service.  Mahram explains that if a customer comes into the store and likes a certain clothing item but it’s not in the customer’s size, Mahram will have Gaviria make a new size.  SunDayMoon will also alter anything made by the designers for free. 

In addition to Gaviria, other LA-based designers whose clothing is sold at SunDayMoon, include: Love Token and Merlin Castell. Zak Far created Love Token in 2010 and their style is described as, “Romance and elegance paired with intricate craftsmanship.” 

Each designer is very different from each other, which allows SunDayMoon to cater to their customers’ various styles.  Merlin Castell, who was born in Honduras eventually made his way to LA and is a prominent designer and is best known for his recurring role on "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Show" and for his haute couture tailored clothing line. 

Already the local stars have discovered the shop, and paparazzi are sometimes following celebrities to the front door (see the photo gallery above for some of the stars).

Besides clothing, SunDayMoon also carries a variety of unique jewelry pieces.  One of the main jewelry designers featured in the store is Micha Design. All of Micha’s jewelry is handmade and are quite often conversation pieces, due to the offbeat materials she chooses to use in her designs.  From doorknockers, dollies and rope to rusty hardware and broken vintage pieces, each item possesses its own interesting flair.

If you are looking for a unique clothing piece to add to your wardrobe or want to jazz up your jewelry collection, it’s a safe bet that you’ll find what you’re looking for at SunDayMoon. 

They truly cater to various styles and will assist you in finding what you are seeking, whether it's for daytime casual or nighttime elegance.  As Marham demistifyies the meaning behind the boutique name, "You can wear our clothes from Sunrise to Moonlight."

is located at 12190 ½ Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604.  Hours are Mon-Tue, Sun 11am-6pm and Wed-Sat 11am-7pm.  (818) 506-4835

Miki Henderson January 28, 2012 at 04:47 PM
What you didn't say about this place, Blair Shaprio is that they are for young beauties like the owner gal, but also old great-grandma's like me... I LOVE LOVE a flowing day skirt I got there just before X-mas!
niki January 29, 2012 at 02:21 AM
I love this boutique! The cutest clothes that are completely unique with the best prices!


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