The Begleys Have Green Dogs

What is a green dog? It's not something from Dr. Seuss.

(See the video above.)

No, it's not something out of a Dr. Seuss book, but leave it to the Begleys to show that you can have a pet and be green about it.

Of course, Ed Begley Jr. loves animals (he doesn't eat meat), and he is known for his environmental concerns, but how does that translate into pet ownership? 

Begley had noticed that, while many people wanted to use green and organic cleaning products, most of the ones available just weren’t that effective.

“Most people would switch to greener products,” says Begley, “but have justified concerns about the overall effectiveness of these products. Many green cleaners simply can’t handle the grime and dirt of modern-day living.”

Begley adds that, with the introduction of his new line, there is no longer an excuse not to clean green, “because these plant-based products clean just as well or even better than their non-green counterparts.”

While many “green” products on the market claim to be natural, says Begley, most fail to disclose their ingredient list, which has left many skeptical about their alleged wholesomeness. With Begley’s Earth Responsible Products, consumers know that they have the safest and most effective ingredients available. Each product lists 100 percent of its ingredients on the label.

The full list of ingredients is also available on the Begley’s Earth Responsible Products website.

snowglobe July 01, 2012 at 03:32 PM
We miss Begley's Best unscented products! Even natural fragrances can overwhelm sensitive noses.
Don Helverson July 02, 2012 at 02:43 AM
Ed is so right—people who have tried ineffective green products in the past are resigned to using toxic products, though they would happily switch to green again, if they thought it would work for real. Thanks, Ed!


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