The Doctor Is In

This family psychologist makes house calls.

Meet Mark L. Brenner, Ph.D., a marriage and family therapist who offers a full range of therapeutic and psychological services that help families and couples with present-day issues.  He specializes in conflict resolution, both within families and between couples.  He equips them with strategies to overcome their personal challenges.  Though maintaining an office in Sherman Oaks, what makes his services unique is that he conducts therapy sessions in clients’ home.

“My practice is really an anomaly because I am one of the few psychologists that make house calls.  See, that right there, separates me from 99 percent of all other psychologists,” said Dr. Brenner.

He admits these house calls came about unintentionally.  “I didn’t intend to do that but a lot of parents were saying, ‘We understand what you’re teaching us but we’re not able to do it as quickly as we like.  Could you come to our homes?’ Before I knew it, I found myself modeling for them the behavior they wanted to take on,” Dr. Brenner explained.

Before going into a family’s home, Dr. Brenner conducts an intake and assessment at his office.  This, he said, prepares him to tackle the family situation he will be faced with later.  “Parents are stressed out in so many ways and they’re looking to acquire the skills that will help them bring their families back in control,” he said.

 With over 25 years of licensed experience, Dr. Brenner earned the nickname “Family Whisperer”, from helping children and families overcome their difficulties and improving the quality of their situations. 

He founded Parent Fitness Training, a series of workshops that equip parents with strategies and tools to help strengthen their relationship with their children.  He has also written numerous parenting books which include When No Gets You Nowhere, Pacifiers, Bottles, Blankets and Thumbs, and the newly released Raising an Adult.

Dr. Brenner’s resume includes appearing in talk shows such as NBC’s Today, and Oxygen’s Life and Style.  His commitment to the community is evident in his numerous lectures to private and public schools, and his contributions various organizations.  He also teaches as a graduate professor at Pepperdine University and California State University, Northridge.

His current projects include a radio talk show called The Parent Fitness Hour, a television show documenting his progress with his clients, and a collaborative show with comedian Mark Schiff on April 13 at the White Fire Theatre. 

For more information on the services provided by Dr. Brenner, click here


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