The Holidays Are Over, Now the Love Begins [PHOTOS]

See photos of Studio City's new Pilates studio.

With a philosophy of “Love your body, love your life," i heart fitness xo provides a complete Pilates experience that is certain to keep you healthy, happy and most importantly, loving yourself from the inside out.  From the moment you enter the studio, you sense this will be no ordinary class. 

The intensity and high-energy of each trainer combined with the maximized teachings of Joseph Pilates is sure to engage your entire body and become a work-out experience you will never forget.

Owner and instructor Sara Kapuchinski recently opened i heart’s doors with a skillfully crafted team of certified experts and is quickly becoming one of the most premium fitness centers in the area. Together, the team has created a unique set of exercises and routines, using barre, mat, springboard and the FitFormer for a comprehensive 55-minute workout that can’t be found anywhere else in Los Angeles County. 

With over 10 years training experience, Kapuchinski has worked with, and continues to train, some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Her clientele has consisted of Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Romy Rosemont from Glee, Sofia Vergara from Modern Family, Judith Hoag from Big Love and Abigail Spencer Pruett from Mad Men.

“I teach people concentration, proper breathing, and most importantly, how to move their bodies before their mind says no,” Kapuchinski said with a smile, “It is important to learn precise movement for a true heart, mind and body connection.”  With a background as a successful music executive and experience training as an amateur boxer, she figures she's a relatable personality.  “Most people like music and most people want to pop someone on the chin every now and again.  I love to workout, drink wine and I'm a blond with a multitude of tattoos.  You can identify with me on one of those levels, I figure,” she said.

I heart fitness xo is the first of its kind in Los Angeles to provide access to FitFormer machines, top of the line equipment with a recycled bamboo base and cushioned back, and takes pride in their eco-friendly atmosphere with minimal energy use, concrete flooring and an environmental water system. The studio combines professional concentration and music-induced classes to allow for clients, at any level of experience, to maximize their skills, strengths and long-term goals. After teaching out of a myriad of studios and gyms over the last decade, Kapuchinski opened i heart fitness xo and believes it can hold up to the best. “There is nothing else out there like this. No one else is doing what we are doing.  Our clients truly leave feeling as though they fatigued every muscle group and sweat out of every pore and they love every minute of it,” she said.

 For further information about classes, equipment and getting started, visit iheartfitnessxo.com.


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