Xtreme Desserts Whips Up in Studio City

This flagship bakery features an array of outrageous sweets.

At last, the original Red Velvet Cookie has found a permanent home. just opened their first store this week in Studio City, a few doors down from, replacing Squeeze Fresh Smoothies.

Previously only available at select shops around the 818 and online,  Xtreme Dessert's signature cookie is moist and soft and filled with the most scrumptious real cream cheese filling made with pure Madagascar vanilla.

More than 8,000 Red Velvet Cookies are baked per month — and that is just a fraction of all the company's  baked sweets combined.

Glenn Panitz is the owner and baking brains, or as he says, ' the sweet tooth creator,'  behind Xtreme Desserts.

A former entertainment and real estate executive, Panitz turned a baking hobby into a full time business a few years ago when his poker buddies mandated he show the public the deliciously over the top concoctions that they got to enjoy each week. There’s even a large photo inspired giclee on the wall of Panitz and his buddies as you enter the store.

“I’d arrive to poker games with a cake that was the size of a mattress. It would move and crack like the San Andreas fault with the filling oozing out,” he relayed with a grin.

“Nothing really looked good, but my poker buddies loved the taste of everything I made and told me that I should have a baking business,” said Panitz.

And so, according to this poker legend, Xtreme Desserts was officially born in 2008.

“Everything I made was big and extreme,” said Panitz, who has since refined his baked goods into perfectly delectable looking specimens, but has kept his “extreme” philosophy — meaning top quality ingredients, unique flavors and how he creates and designs each baked good.

Panitz has created a repertoire of his cookie sandwiches for his flagship store — some of his loyal customer favorites include Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cream with Chocolate Ganache, Pecan Pie Maple, German Chocolate and White Chocolate Chip Apple Pie, just to name a few.

Cookies are just the beginning of the sweet madness at Xtreme Desserts. There are a variety of different types of Blondies and Brownies. And now, we’re really talking “xtreme.” You have to see these — and taste them — to believe it. Each are individual works of art shaped in rounds with a variety of luscious frostings, combination flavors and toppings.

“I just want to take all my favorite desserts and create them as cookies and brownies,” said Panitz, who adds that all his creations are baked on the premises.

Not restricted to just cookies and brownies, specialty cakes are also available. Have any cookie made into a 10" or 14" sandwich cookie cake! Want something bigger and grander with layers and layers? Or how about a multi-tiered tree of cookies for special events? Need gift baskets and cookie party favors. No problem. Just special order it. The key word here is — .

This isn’t your sweet little grandma’s bakery. It’s an unrestricted sweet tooth building zone where there are no roadblocks to imagination. If you can dream it, Xtreme Desserts can bake it. Look out for daily specials and coffee drinks too.  

Xtremedesserts.com 11990 Ventura Blvd., Studio City (818) 505-1759 Cookies, Brownies, Blondies $3.25. Cakes start at $28.

george February 18, 2011 at 10:12 PM
Right near Sweetsalt, perfect!
Karen Young February 18, 2011 at 10:18 PM
Actually, the red velvet cookies are sold at Sweetsalt in Toluca Lake, but the actual Xtreme Desserts store store is near Trader Joes in Studio City. Love Sweetsalt, too!:)


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