Yellow Balloon, Grilled Cheese Truck and Tutor Doctors Hold Mini-Block Party

Children, adults and even a few princesses gathered at the Yellow Balloon on Saturday.

The was filled with young people getting their hair cut and styled on Saturday morning while outside, families were lined up for the Grilled Cheese truck for lunch. Also, thewere quizzing kids on math and other topics.

Flitting around the shop was also Princess Arielle (Noelle Marion from Lollipop Dream Parties), inspiring some of the little ladies coming to the shop to dress as princesses themselves.

See the gallery above for photos of the event, and add some of your own if you were there!

Irene DeBlasio February 05, 2012 at 07:00 PM
The Yellow Balloon is the place my grandchildren went to get their very first haircuts. How wonderful that it's open and thriving after all these years! Great job Mike!


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