UnPlanning The Path

I’ve been a television producer in almost every genre since 1997. Working long hours while chasing, and actually accomplishing, a dream recently brought me to the realization that this dream is in great need of changing its course.

Believing that there will always be light in the end of any situation continues to give me peace because there HAS to be light, right? With that said, I’ve recently, and SO SADLY, realized that I’m not Wonder Woman and am unable to take the production jobs that I used to strive for with severe deliberants. Reason being, I’m now a mom of two small, beautiful, healthy children who are the source of my desire to find a work balance that allows me to care for them while being present on a daily basis. When my youngest was five months-old, I was asked during an interview by a potential employer, “What would you do if your five-month-old had a fever?” Hmmm - I should’ve packed it up then and there, but worked too hard to get to that place and didn’t want to give up so easy just because my interviewer was a chauvinistic twit. 

I realize now, after powering through a few more years, that it’s not “giving up,” but more like switching gears. Trivial side note: that show is no longer even on the air.

As far as switching gears in this world of countless careers and opportunities offered and/or sought after in one lifetime -- I believe that if finding the right company and people within, network marketing is seemingly the proper channel in today’s world of unstable job markets. I recently took the leap into a successful company led by doctors who have changed the landscape of skincare AND this particular market bringing in more 6-7 figure PER MONTH salaries than most careers do in a lifetime. This includes passive, residual income - one that can change lives. 

Life can be uncertain and unexpected curve balls are thrown our way -- allowing new doors to open and paths to cross that we’d normally not have been exposed to if it weren’t for the circumstances that brought us here in the first place...even the really bad ones. Life's twists and turns sometimes leave us unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but there will always be light even when we're unable to see it in the darkest moment because light is the hope that we attach to our dreams. Dreams can change, but the light will always be there guiding us through our path.

There may be some bumps, but embrace the smoothness along the way. I recently took my children ice skating and I realized that the silkiness of the ice is something we don't get to feel in our every day lives. Life is not typically smooth. The past few years have not been silky ones, though, looking back, necessary tasks fell into place nicely as a result of HUGE bumps, so gliding on the ice feels freeing in a world where we don't normally glide through our daily lives (but we can on the rink!). I love gliding on that ice, and, luckily, so do my kiddos. As silly as it is, it brings me such great solace.

Most people generally come across bumps, peaks and even mountains -- and then have to hike over them because we're survivors which leaves us no other choice but to keep climbing. Don't be afraid to stumble (it happens to the best of us) -- as long as you learn from every little trip and remember each could lead you to a whole other route than planned, probably and ultimately an even better one. Speaking of, message me for more info on my new venture...you NEVER know what's right around the corner if you just take a little peak for yourself. 


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Autumn January 28, 2014 at 10:02 AM
The employer who asked you that regarding your five month old was not just out of line but could have been sued.
Cindi Brodack Dameshek February 27, 2014 at 01:53 PM
I know...it's ridiculous. Thanks for the support!


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