George Clooney Meets with President Obama Thursday

He will be discussing his recent trip to Sudan.

Longtime Studio City resident and known as a man of the world, Oscar winner George Clooney plans to meet with President Obama on Thursday.

Clooney testified on Wednesday in Washington D.C. before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about his trip to Sudan. He as invited to the White House and the Oval Office to bring his report directly to the president and Secretary Hillary Clinton.

Appearing on Hardball with Chris Matthews on Wednesday night, Clooney said, "They are bombing innocent civilans." He said he believed the atrocities are caused by those who want people off potentially valuable farmland.

According to Today Entertainment:

He said, in the past month, 39 people of the 1,000 in a village he visited had been killed, and he pointed the finger at Sudan's government, including President Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir. "The same three guys ... who were charged for war crimes in Darfur are the exact same people bombing innocent people."

But only non-Arabs, he pointed out. "This is ethnic cleansing," he said. "That simple."

Clooney has long been an activist working to bring light to the situation in Darfur, and now North and South Sudan. This was his sixth trip to the region. He noted that Americans needed to be not just aware of suffering over there, but of the U.S.'s role. Ethnic cleansing aside, he said, it's ultimately about oil: South Sudan has the oil, North Sudan has the refineries.

"Right now what is going on in the Sudan changes the cost of your gas every single day of your life," he said. "If for no other reason than your economic interests, there is plenty of reason to make sure that your government is involved in trying to secure some form of peace."


Linda Rubin March 16, 2012 at 04:02 AM
http://www.jewishworldwatch.org/ Encino activist group Jewish World Watch has been working on this issue for a decade. They will be rallying in Washington DC on March 16 and locally Walk(ing) to End Genocide next month. See my stories about JWW all over Studio City Patch. For more info about what's happening in the Nuba mountains, check out NYTimes columnist Nick Kristol's video from his trip to the region. http://kristof.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/02/23/video-from-sudans-nuba-mountains/


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