Chris Standring with Special Guest: Kathrin Shorr

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performing songs from their Christmas album “Send Me Some Snow”


Chris Standring: Guitar
Kathrin Shorr: Vocals
Gregg Manning: Keyboards
Dan Lutz: Bass
David Karasony: Drums


Chris Standring is in stellar six string form throughout this highly organic spin on holiday cheer and teams up well with vocalist Kathrin Shorr. Part old school and orchestrated with just a dash of pop gloss for finish, tunes such as the snappy opener “Send Me Some Snow” are done with style, taste and pizazz while backed by some of the finest studio musicians available. As a songwriting team Standring could not have been teamed with a better partner with Shorr’s vocals offering up an intoxicating warmth and inflection few vocalists can be taught much less deliver with such ease. Chris Standring while a virtuoso guitarist opts for the more zen like less is more approach for a real ensemble feel that is infectious as it subtle.

So if you are just the least bit toasted by some of the same Christmas music that seems to be as tired and predictable as the tie received each year for Christmas. Send Me Some Snow should go well in any hot rotation! Some old fashioned holiday fun to warm even the heart of this Christmas grinch!

Brent Black – Jazz Review


To put it bluntly, I was blown away.  From the very first song, I was hooked.  This is easily the best Christmas CD I have heard in years.  If you are tired of hearing the same old songs and you want new music that captures the season, this is the CD to get.
- JJ Biener www.musesmuse.com


Make sure itís part of your collection before Thanksgiving. Youíll be playing it all season long, too. Old school? Yep? Classic? It will be. Highest recommendation for this one. – girlsingers.org


This album (released on Ultimate Vibe Recordings, November 1st) from start to finish, swings. Perhaps it has as much to do with the musical caliber of both successful artists in their own right, as it does their respective, essential genre-style contributions. Standringís sound jazz foundation, with acoustic flourishes really nests in well with Shorrís innate sense of rhythm, melody, and emotional sincerity. Standring and Shorr do a lot more than fill up an entire album of originals that instantly sound like classics and do Christmas proud. They also try and succeed in approaching this most popular of universal holidays from different, more intimate perspectives. These two have a musical chemistry thatís magic, reflected in such melodic depth and lyrical finesse; nothingís forced or self-conscious. They may have realized a classic Christmas album, blending vintage with contemporary in their original songs, but they really werenít hung up on becoming the next, big Christmas sensation. It just happened along the way…..All over this Christmas classic. – examiner.com

“Send Me Some Snow” could well be the Christmas gift that keeps on giving – smoothjazztherapy.com


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