A View from Left Field- Three Strikes Your Out!

The Repubicans caused the recession in eight years. Give the Democrats a chance to clean it up in the same amount of time.

We’re closing in on the 9th inning and Mitt Romney’s batting clean-up.  If you’re envisioning Mitt as leader of the Free World, look no further than his trip to the London Olympics.  No sooner did the “Mitt-ster” land on the soil of our foremost ally, the British press begin berating him for intemperate remarks.  He questioned London’s readiness for the games which set off a storm of protest, and he defied protocol by calling the House of Commons Minority Leader, the Majority Leader…so much for preparedness and proper social etiquette.  For sure, this is not the behavior we want or expect from a president in action.  Strike One!

An American film producer released a film which disparaged the Prophet Mohammed.   As a result, religious fundamentalists in Egypt and Libya attacked our embassies causing destruction and death.  Instead of following tradition by supporting our country, Mitt saw fit to blame President Obama for these spontaneous tragedies by not being more belligerent.  Frankly, that what I like most about our president.  He’s firm but sure.  Rather than escalate a confrontation, he takes a more measured and planned response.  After eight years of Bush II shooting from the hip, we don’t need Romney doing the same “play it again, Sam” routine.  Have you heard him lately?  He wants to get tough all over the Middle East.  Haven't we had enough warefare in one lifetime?  Strike Two!

Even though Mitt showed some style in his first debate with the President, as usual he lacked substance.  Also, he spent six months preparing for it while the on-duty president spent less than a week.  Once again, the "Mitt-ster" was all smoke and mirrors, but this time he did it with a supercilious smile and a ruefully disingenuous outreach to middle class voters.  All you Republicans out there, help me out.  What does Mitt Romney stand for?  I know he’s for creating jobs, but how?  He’s for education too, but where will the funding come from?  Also, when is he going to reveal his secretive plans on "righting the ship", the election is less than a month away?  With all the Republican emphasis on tax reduction, especially for the super rich, where will we get the money to fund legitimate government programs for the rest of us.

While praising the state healthcare system he devised for Massachusetts, Romney opposes President Obama for doing the same thing nationally.  Mitt originally supported reproductive choice for women. Now he sees it as sanctity of life issue.  He has a grand scheme to create jobs and overcome the recession, but fails to disclose the details.  At Bain Capital Romney bought and sold companies while cannibalizing them to move jobs overseas for greater profit. The Chinese must love him!

He pays less than his fair share of taxes and hides his money in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands.  Again is this the leadership we are seeking?  Morals and principles aside, for Mitt it’s time to win at all costs.  The major oil companies are even helping by running up the cost of gasoline.   Have you check the prices at the pumps lately?  Seems to me like the big fix is in, and the American voting public is being led down the garden path of a major sting operation. 

To continue our baseball analogy, the game of life for many millions of Americans is on the line.  Most of us are better off now than four years ago, even though things might not be fabulous yet.  President Obama has brought us back from the brink.  Give him a chance to finish the job.  Let’s not get sandbagged by corporate greed and the Bush League politics of Mitt Romney.  Come Election Day; let’s hang a third strike on him, so America can come away a winner!


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Zookeeper91326 October 09, 2012 at 07:22 PM
"View From The Left," (extreme left?), is right... "Most of us are better off now than four years ago..." Pure hogwash. Obama is clearly guilty of pushing his personal, (anti-colonialism?), yea, "anti-White," anti-Constitution, racial/wealth division agenda. Obama sees our friends as enemies, and our enemies as friends. He has done more to degrade the strength and pride this country held, than any President before him. We do not need a President who apologizes to our enemies...that only serves to embolden them and make us look weak. We do not need a President who abuses Executive Order in order to bypass bi-partisan compromise or debate, in order to get "his own way." We do not need a President who heeds his own needs (fund raising, golf, expensive vacations), while his country suffers, and our citizens pay the price with their lives (e.g.. Ambassador Chris Stevens, et al). Obama seems to, by his words and actions, NOT love America or ALL Americans...only those with whom he has a deep rooted bias and affiliation. I believe Obama's agenda is contra-American. We need leadership that we can depend on to support our Constitution, our liberties, our safety, and Obama has proven to be inept at the job. I, for one, will not be fooled, this time. Time for him to go.
David Dahlman October 10, 2012 at 12:32 AM
I must ask, in your divorce from reality , who got custody of the common sense? It sure wasn't you. In typical lefty fashion, you rewrite history as if nobody actually remembers it. The fact is, in spite of the 9-11 attacks, the economy was strong and unemployment low for the first seven years of Bush's tenure. The goal of the leftist disinformation campaign has been to obscure the fact that relaxation of lending standards under the CRA was the catalyst for the housing market collapse which was at the heart of the financial meltdown. Although Bush made some attempts to deal with this, I hold him responsible for not doing more. Let's not forget that Democratic paragon of virtue Barney Frank, whose constant refrain of "Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are perfectly sound", never let the obvious evidence to the contrary influence his proclamations. Let me remind you and anyone else who reads this, before Obama passed his first budget with a 1.6 trillion deficit, the CBO warned "This will lead to the destruction of the country". Never before has such a warning been issued. As for Romney's supposed miscues on his foreign tour, they were insignificant and only someone looking to be offended would be. Of course Obama is liked in Europe, he is in lockstep with their Socialist views. Only a clueless fool could avoid observing the calamitous results of Obama's policies, and for that matter those of our state and local leftist leaders. You fail to observe true cause and effect.
PM October 11, 2012 at 03:57 PM
Well written David
Paul B October 11, 2012 at 09:11 PM
As an Independent I think it's only fair to give the dems 4 more years to get things on track. After all, it was only 5 short years ago the worst economic meltown the USA had ever seen in modern times occurred. It takes many years to recover. I dont think the repubs have any better ideas anyway. It would be nice to get someone in there that will actually change things but that will never happen so lesser of the 2 evils it is.
Gary Miller October 16, 2012 at 09:51 PM
David, Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, but I've been out of town. You have a cute writing style, but it's empty of substance and devoid of facts. Why is it that many Republicans resort to ad hominem attacks instead of presenting reason to support their points of view. Unemployment doubled under Bush II but is about the same for Obama as when he started. However the country was trending deeply down for him. Granted it when up to approximately 10% early on, but is now down to 8%. However the economy is trending positively for President Obama over the past several months. Strike one for you David! Glass-Steagall, the regulation bill that kept the financial industry honest for 80 years was repealed at the behest of Senator Phil Graham of Texas and other Republican stalwarts. This, not Barney Frank allowed the financial industry to operate unimpeded by supervision so they went "hog wild." . Strike two to you David. President Obama saved most of the auto industry and America's largest insurer, AIG, so millions of attendant jobs were saved. Slowly but surely the economy is recovering. Instead of callng names, try some facts. That's strike three David, you're out! Just like Mitt Romney you stand for nothing but a draft of hot air!


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